You want to be a genius in the eyes of the client.  Think about it!  Who doesn’t want a genius doing the diagnostic on her air conditioning system or plumbing system?

However,  “genius” is not how most clients would describe the HVAC Tech or the Plumber.  Most clients look at the tradesman with suspicion.   They wonder secretly to themselves, “Does this guy know what he is doing?” 

That’s a shame too, because a great diagnostic statement could answer the client’s questions, and set you up for success. 

Since most HVAC Techs and Plumbers won’t take the time to answer the question, the client is left to figure it out on her own.  Leaving your credibility up to the client, isn’t going to serve you well.  Instead of leaving the question up in the air, take the opportunity to deliver a diagnostic statement that makes you a genius instead of a hack!

The Genius Approach to the Diagnostic Statement

#1 – Give the diagnostic statement before you do the diagnostic work

This may seem obvious, but it is often skipped by the tech.  If it is not skipped, then it is certainly not professional.

Here is an example of a hack’s diagnostic statement, 

“Alrighty then.  I’ll look’er over and let your know what I find.”

The client doesn’t know what to expect.  That’s the reason you want to give a great diagnostic statement up front.  To set the stage of expectation, and to Settle her Fears.

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#2 – Highlight how your diagnostic solves a problem

Your diagnostic is meant to uncover the real root of the problem.  That’s why you get paid for it as a professional. 

A professional unpacks all the possibilities through a genius diagnostic.  A hack just stops at the first thing he sees.

This is how a genius does it,

“Samantha, I’m going to perform an extensive diagnostic that will get to the real cause of this problem.  Most technicians stop at the first problem they find.  That’s a problem, because there is usually a reason why that first problem happened.  Not discovering the real cause of today’s problem will lead to callbacks and future repairs.  That’s not going to happen to you today.  I will take my time, and do a thorough diagnostic. I will show you my findings and make sure that all of your questions are answered.  This will assure the best solution to your problem.”

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#3 – Show the tools of your diagnostic

A genius is proud to show the tools of his trade.  He understands that he is only as good as he tools.  He also understands that homeowners are impressed by clean, properly working diagnostic tools.

Therefore, the genius keeps his tools in pristine condition, and proudly displays them.

The hack’s tools are dirty, and hidden away.

#4 – Encourage the homeowner to observe the diagnostic

The genius loves to invite the homeowner along for the diagnostic.  He understands that there are several great advantages to the home staying with him during the diagnostic:

  • Build a stronger relationship
  • Discover the client’s hot buttons
  • Highlight your technical skills
  • Build value in you and your company
  • Show the need for value added items like maintenance programs

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“Samantha, I’m ready to start the diagnostic.  I will make sure that I document all of my findings for you on our Findings and Observation sheet.  You are also welcome to go with me during the diagnostic if you would like.”

If you have been skipping your diagnostic statement, then you have missing out on some great opportunities to highlight your genius.

Be the genius, not the hack!

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