Boots is my dog.  He constantly craps on my porch, and it drives me crazy.  Boots is a bad dog, yet I love him.  Some of your co-workers may be like boots.

Boots didn’t have to learn to crap on the porch.  He just did it naturally.  And his bad crapping habits don’t stop with the porch.  He will crap in the house, he will crap in the car, and he’ll crap in your shoes.

You may be asking yourself, “Why in the world haven’t you gotten rid of this dog!?”

Great question, and we almost did return him after he crapped in his kennel, and then rolled it in.  [It’s a good thing Shannon found him, and not me.]

See, we adopted Boots from a rescue shelter in St Louis.  The shelter was called “Flawed Dogs.”  That should have been my first clue, but he was cute, and we wanted a dog.

Before I go any further, let me point out what that would sound like if I hired a team member the way I picked my dog:

Thomas:  “Hey, Todd.  We need to add a new trainer to our list of trainers.”

Todd:  “OK Thomas.  I heard of this place where you can get trainers that no-one wants.  It’s called, “Train Wreck Trainers.”

Thomas:  “Train Wreck Trainers?”

Todd:  “Oh yeah!  They’re a mess, but they’re so lovable.”

That may sound far fetched, but you know it’s not.  You’ve worked with guys that have terrible behavior.  [You may have even been the dummy that hired the guy.]

But like me with Boots, you have a soft heart.  You hired the guy, and just can’t seem to fire him no matter how many times he figuratively craps on your porch.

Well, I have 2 tips for you.  Take these to heart, and they will serve you well:

  1. Don’t let people with bad behavior in your circle.  It’s my fault that I didn’t fully discover the “flaws” of boots.  If I knew he was a free crapper, I wouldn’t have adopted him.  Sorry animal lovers.
  2. Get rid of people with bad behavior.  After you discover that someone is crapping on your porch, give them the boot!  There is no excuse for tolerating non-changing bad behavior.

Boots is family at this point, so he gets the family pass.  Otherwise, he’d be gone!!  [God Bless all of you that have actual family members in your business with bad behavior.]

QUESTION:  Have you ever been on the news as an expert?

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