America was founded by rebels.  It’s important to remember that we are a nation born of our rebellion.

Rebellion Is In the Heart

American Independence sprung forth from the hearts of men that said, “No taxation without representation.”

Rebels rebel because they must.

Men and women will only endure injustice for so long.

Eventually, they rebel.

At first, it starts as a conversation.  Later, it leads to action.  Before it is over, it leads to new leadership and an “independence” from the old leadership.

Rebels United

One of the greatest lessons to learn as a leader is that rebels unite, and it is in the heart of people to rebel against something.

Doing business without a purpose leaves the team looking for an enemy.

Make an enemy against the “average way of doing business.”

Make an enemy against “ok.”

Make an enemy against “apathy.”

If you do not lead your rebels in the rebellion, then who will?

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Happy Independence Day America! *Over 1.3 millions soldiers have given their lives in war for the defense of America and her allies. Thank you to the brave and fallen.