I once had a client that I cared deeply for, but could not seem to actually help.  This was not for lack of trying either.  I would agonize over the little details.  “What could I do or say differently that would get the message across?”  RELATED – Business consulting

The worst thing about not being able to help the client was facing the client each week.  I knew we were going to go around and around, and accomplish very little.  The longer this relationship lasted, the more I could see what needed to be done.  I needed to fire this client.

4 reasons to fire your client

#1 – When you can’t help the client

There are 2 sides to this coin:

  1. The client is insufferable, and causes the problem.
  2. The client is a good client, and the dynamic causes the problem.

There will be times when you both have a desire to solve a problem, and yet you can’t seem to connect.  RELATED – Building profitable relationships

My best piece of advice to you is to move on.  It is far better to end on positive terms than it is to harm your reputation.  If you can refer the client to someone that you think can help them, then do that.

#2 – The client is rude and abusive

Back in my contracting days, I once saw a CSR cry at the end of a phone call.  This was a tough lady.  So to see her crying was big deal!

“What happened?” – me

“Oh, it was nothing.  The client was just a little upset.” – CSR

This particular CSR was being nice, and attempting to serve the client despite the client’s rude behavior.

I believe in the power of forgiveness, and I also believe your people need to know that you care about them. 

After careful evaluation of the client, it was obvious that the client had a history of abusive behavior.  I made it clear that day that our people will not be abused. 

#3 – The client doesn’t support your value 

In other words, the client will not accept your service fees. 

Have you had the experience of a client that says, “Yes”, and then calls in later to complain about the price?  That’s what I’m talking about!

If this happens once with a client, then it may be an indication of the client not receiving your best service.   RELATED – Just give them the pickle

However, if the client does this over and over again, hoping for a discount after the sale, then it may be time to fire a client.

#4 – The client likes to party too much!

It’s not my business what a client does after hours.  It is my business what a client does while I’m there.

I was faced with this once on a sales call in Austin.  A client had a plate of assorted “party favors”  on his table that he forgot to put away.

When he noticed that I noticed, he asked me the question every in-home sales person has heard at least once, “Hey man, do you like to party?”

Thankfully, the client wasn’t partying when I showed up.  He also understood that I wouldn’t stay if he decided to get his party on.

Many of you have had to fire clients that love to get on their party on before you show up.  Worse is the client that wants to party while you are there.

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