There’s a $5 Fine For Whining, About Your Small Market!

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But Thomas….you don’t understand (sound familiar). There is no way that will work in my small market. There is no way that we can get that pricing in our town. The competitors in this town are cut throat and they are selling cheap. Thomas, there is no way I can do what your asking me to do. There is no way we can do what your saying we can do in our small market

Really? That is gonna cost you $5! Pay the fine! We accept Cash! COD Baby!

Listen, I know it’s not easy to build a Successful and Profitable HVAC, Plumbing or Electrical business in a small market. The reality though is that it can be done. BUT….

Success is NOT and accident it’s a result. It’s a result of a clear vision, precise planning, relentless preparation and execution! It’s a result of hard work!

A company in Hood County, Tx. knows this all too well. Daffan Mechanical, in Granbury Texas, is doing the impossible. Or is it??

How does $4.7 Million in HVAC sales sound? Impossible? Think again! Keep Reading! 

How are they achieving extra ordinary SUCCESS in a market of only 55k population?

Daffan Mechanical has Vision. To provide unmatched, World Class, customer service. From top to bottom the Vision in the company is aligned.

  • Be the BEST Consistently.
  • Hire only the BEST Team Members Consistently!
  • Do everything with the utmost Integrity, Consistently!
  • Deliver MORE Consistently!
  • Clear vision, DOMINATE the market! Consistently!

They have a Plan. Tom and David recently joined the SET team. In our first 2-3 sessions we were focused solely on the plan, strategies and structure. Tom and David, to be clear, have always had a Plan. They have been focused on growing their market share through strategic and effective marketing, community involvement, strong process’ and systems and of course hard work! 

Daffan Mechanical also believes in being relentlessly Prepared. Training is something that they value and that they focus on weekly. This is why they invested in SET.

Daffan Executes! They know that it’s not enough to merely have vision or a plan or even to prepare to Succeed! They have to implement. They have to hold themselves and the team accountable to the goal. That is how they will grow Profitably!

Yes, Profitably…to the tune of 18-20% NET! Still Reading??? You should be!

So, what’s holding you back? Why can’t your HVAC, Plumbing or Electrical Business have the same SUCCESS in your small market?

What’s your mentality, your VISION? Have you convinced yourself that it can’t be done or do you just need the tools and resources to make it happen?

What’s your PLAN? Do you have a formalized Business plan that lays out the steps needed to achieve this level of Growth and Profitability in your small market?

Are you Relentlessly PREPARED? Do you invest in your team? Do you invest time and money  into Training your team? Are you prepared to maximize each and every opportunity?

Are you Executing consistently? Are you holding yourself and your team accountable to the Plan?

Now you know! It can be done! So, stop Whining and start WINNING! Dominate your small market. Ready? SET! PRESS Play!!

Have Questions? Would you like find how your Business can Dominate in your small market? 

Contact our Success Coach and Trainer, Thomas Dougherty: [email protected] or call him direct at 512-922-0517! 

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