What to do when an employee asks for a raise – Part 1 of 2

There are few things more stressful as when a team member asks you for an unexpected raise in pay.  Those precious moments following immediately after the request can have dire consequences. 

What to do when an employee ask for a raise

Guiding your way to a productive conclusion is the purpose of this article.

Control Your Emotions

Your emotions will vary greatly depending on your:

  • experience,
  • personality type,
  • and the situation in which the team member is asking. 

Let’s take a look at the most common reactions:


One of the most common emotional reaction to a team member asking for a raise is worry.  Specifically, “Is this team member going to leave if I don’t give him the pay raise?”

3 steps to higher average tickets and better sex

I struggled for a moment whether or not to write this blog.  “Will the reader think I’m being vulgar?  Will the reader look past the attention catching headline, and move into the message?”  I have concluded that the risk is worth the taking, because these 3 steps really will get you higher average tickets, and better sex.

3 Steps to Higher Average Tickets and Better Sex

Before I give you the 3 steps, you need the story of how I learned these steps.

Before bed one night, I picked up my wife’s calendar.  She always keeps her calendar on her bed stand.  As I flipped back a month, I noticed that she had scribbled some odd-looking notes.  This is normal for Shannon, as she is a highly organized Cautious personality.  But then something caught my eye. 

Drowning for Success

There is a very popular motivational video on YouTube that tells the story of a young man who wants success.  The young man asks an older successful man “How do you get success?”  The old man takes the young man to the ocean, and proceeds to drown him.  Just before he passes out, he pulls him up and says, “When you want success as bad as you want you to breathe, then you will be successful.”  You can watch the video below if you haven’t seen it.

Drowning for Success

That particular video happen to be playing over the sound system while I was doing some strength work at our local CrossFit Box – CrossFitHays.  The only people there was myself, and a young coach named Jon Anthony.  Jon Anthony was there getting prepared for a weekend Olympic competition.

How to Overcome the Guilt and Shame of Selling

Many service technicians struggle with the shame of charging retail prices for their work.  This is an ever present problem with average tickets and closing percentages.  If the problem of shame and guilt is not resolved, then many of these technicians will find themselves stuck in a low paying jobs. 

How to Overcome the Shame of Selling

The Root of Shame

Shame and Guilt are rooted in the fundamental belief that, “I’m doing something wrong, and should be punished for it.”

The interesting thing about psychology is that whether you are actually doing anything morally or ethically wrong is not as important as your belief of the wrong doing.

7 confidence boosters your team desperately needs

Do you have low confidence?  Or, do you have a team member that is suffering from low confidence?  Low confidence is a killer to success.  The emotional and financial impact of low confidence tends to outweigh talent.

7 confidence boosters your team desperately needs

Here are some interesting facts about the hard cost of low confidence according to the Forbes Article:  How Low Self-Esteem Can Cost You The Job

  • Experts say that people with low self-esteem engage in subconscious behaviors that undermine their success.
  • We make assumptions about people who exhibit behaviors of low self-esteem, says Frankel. We may ascribe lower intelligence, even though that’s not true.

The need for strong self confidence in the residential service world is absolutely critical.  All positions, from the CSR to the Service Technician must exude confidence to build value, and march through objections. 

The impact of low confidence can be financially devastating to your revenue, and to the personal pay of your team members.  Not wanting any of you to produce at less than your potential, I have a list of easy to implement confidence boosters.