4 Ways to Maintain the Ethics of Commissioned Based Plumbers and HVAC Techs

Plumbers and HVAC techs are naturally motivated by commissioned based pay.  Paying commissions is a very natural way to keep techs focused on production.   As a sales trainer, and business consultant, it’s one of my first suggestions.  The challenge with a commissioned based pay is “how to maintain ethics.” 

Ethics in a Commissioned Based Service Plumbing and HVAC Service Company

How Tony Robbins and Shallow Hal Can Change Your Perceptions

“Shallow Hal” is a movie that stars Jack Black. It’s about a guy that only sees the surface beauty of a person.

What Shallow Hal Can Teach us About Sales

This all changes after Tony Robbins alters his perception. Tony plays a “mind trick” on him that only lets him see the inner beauty of people.

What is the end result?  Shallow Hal finds real meaning in his life.  He also discovers the love of his life.  Shallow Hal has never been happier.

However his “friend” convinces Tony Robbins to reverse Shallow Hal’s perception back to his previous norm.

2 Guaranteed Ways to Boost your Residential Service Agreements

Residential service agreements are hugely valuable to your residential contracting business.  Plumbing, Air Conditioning and Electrical companies tend to suffer from low service agreements. And most business owners are actively looking for ways to boost their numbers.

Service agreements

Here are two easy ways to increase your low residential service agreements.

#1 – Simplify your Service Agreement

Service agreements can get complicated.   This is usually done in an attempt to build value.

Residential Service agreements for air conditioning companies were simple once.

Originally, they were designed to maintain a system, and keep it operating efficiently. Now they are so complicated.

How Marketing is like a Black Hole and beyond…

This video uses the analogy of a black hole to describe marketing.

It demonstrates how your brand is like a black hole. The more you feed it, the more it grows.

  • The center of all marketing is your brand. Your “Brand” is your “Black Hole.”
  • The “Black Hole” is fed by the “Stars” that circle around it, i.e.
    • Social Media,
    • Radio,
    • Direct Mail,
    • T.V. and etc.
  • The “Stars” have “Planets” that surround them.  For Example:
    • The “Star” of Social Media has the following “Planets.”
      • Facebook,
      • LinkedIn
    • The “Star” of Radio has the following “Planets.”
      • The Different Stations you advertise with.
        • Each Unique Ads you run are like “Moons” that circle the “Planets.”

The more you feed each star, the larger the black hole will become!

Are you creating a black hole for your brand?

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