3 reasons why you should do side jobs

Are you a technician or plumber that has been considering taking on “side jobs”?  Side jobs are a great way to earn extra money as a technician.  There are many clients that will gladly have you perform the needed repair outside of the normal work channels. 

3 reasons why you should do side jobs

Perhaps you have been considering taking some side jobs, but haven’t yet.  This post will serve as an educational piece for you.  Let’s explore 3 of the best reasons why you should do side jobs.

6 keys to low pressure selling

“No pressure selling” has become a buzz phrase for trainers, but it is total bullcrap.  There is no such thing as “no pressure selling.”  There may be “no pressure buying,” but there is no such thing as “no pressure selling.” RELATED – Sales Training for Techs

6 keys to low pressure selling

Most of the clients that you will have the opportunity to serve are not experts in your field.  If you left the buying decision 100% up to your client, he would probably make the wrong choice.  That places a heavy responsibility on your shoulders as the service plumber or hvac tech.

The Service Tech’s Responsibility

Help the client make the best decision.

The Service Tech’s Dilemma

Helping the client make a decision comes with some selling pressure.

Even though there is no such thing as “no pressure selling,” you can go through the sales process and produce very low pressure.

Who will take a risk with you?

Business owners understand the importance of taking a risk.  A risk is a chance.  A chance to do something different.  A chance to grow your company.  A chance to become a legend!

Who will take a risk with you?

In 1859, a man named Charles Blondin took a chance.  He strung up 1,100 feet of rope over Niagara Falls, and walked across!  He was the first man to take such a chance, and he became famous for it!  He went where few men would go, and it made him a wealthy legend.

How to handle criticism with your team

I consider Michael Hyatt to be one of the great influences in my life.  He has earned that honor by constantly posting relevant content that hits me where I live.

Please give me your opinion

Criticism is a very hot topic in my life.  The ability to receive it, and give it is key to personal development.

In Michael’s podcast, he covers the topic of criticism and gives real life tools that you can use immediately.

You can watch him deliver the message in the video below:


Key Points to Adopt

  1. Listen without being defensive.
  2. Your ability to handle criticism goes up with your maturity.
  3. The measure of maturity is the measure of our ability to put a pause between the stimulus and the response.

Why you choose Talent over Passion for a career choice

Do you choose Passion or Talent for a career choice?  There is a movement in America that says, “You should follow your passion!  You can be whatever you want to be.”  It is that same movement that mandates participation awards for everyone.  RELATED – Award Winning Plumbers

Talent over Passion

This “Follow your Passion” movement is coming at a great cost to the actual development of skill and talent.  There is also a very deep psychological cost for the person following his passion, to find out too late that he is not good enough.

Passion doesn’t always pay the bills!

I attended Louisiana Tech University on an acting scholarship.  Acting was something that fueled my fire.   However, it didn’t pay the bills. 

Paying bills is something a young kid following his passion doesn’t think about.  It is easy to rack up debt, and live on ramen noodles when you are only thinking of yourself.  RELATED – The Manager Training Series

When I started thinking about more than myself, I began to look at my passions differently. 

3 Attainable Traits of the Highest Producers

The best in the world all share some common traits.  When you apply these same traits, you can get similar results.

3 Attainable Traits of the Highest Producers

This is why Top Producers are studied so closely.

At a recent international contractor event, Steve’s Plumbing of Seattle Washington had 3 of his 4 guys honored for top results!  His guys were recognized for the following results:

  • #1 in Service Agreements with over 150 agreements – Mike Adamson
  • #1 in Biological Drain Products with over 312 units – Kris Jones
  • #1 in Repipes at over $180,ooo – Will Taylor

As a whole, the results are impressive!  CLICK HERE TO SEE AN INFOGRAPHIC

Steve’s team also scored several spots in the Top 5.   The guys at Steve’s Plumbing have 3 attainable traits that you too can have.

3 Big Influences that Condition You for Success

The average technician is conditioned for failure.  He believes success is a story for someone other than himself.  RELATED – Drowning for Success

3 Big Influences on Success

This belief system starts at home, gets reenforced at school, and then in his career.   After 18 to 21 years, the average tech has been conditioned to believe success is not for him.

Are you that tech?

Let me start be saying, I was that tech!  I was conditioned in many ways to believe that success was out or reach.  Thankfully, I was able to be reconditioned for success.