the transformation of Mike Westman

Plumbers and Technicians eat some terrible things!  Donuts, tacos, and sodas fuel their day, and expands their waste-band.  It doesn’t take long before those “few extra pounds” turns into “a few pills a day.” RELATED:  Killing the Service Tech


Health is the most important asset you have.  It’s hard to be successful when your health is shot. That’s why we love hearing testimonials from people who have had a life transformation.

Morning Todd. Wanted to say thanks again for the great work you guys are doing at Service Excellence. When I had taken Terry’s class he had made a statement about keeping your life in balance.

Work, home, Health ect.

One part of mine that was getting way out of balance was my health/weight. With this being on my list for a number of years now . . .

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a simple step to change your perception

New things are scary.  As a dad, I deal with this everyday with my kids.  As a trainer, I get the same thing with my clients.

One of the best tips that I have for you is to discover the fun in the scary.

When you can find the fun in the fear, then you will look forward to the new obstacles.

When have you turned a scary event into a fun one?

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VIDEO - PART 2 of the Marketing Video Series

Marketing can be confusing.  Advertising is critical for your residential service business, but most contractors struggle with the math.  And this isn’t for a lack of intelligence.  I actually think it is caused by the marketing industry.  PART 1:  HOW TO DETERMINE YOUR NEEDED CALL VOLUME.

The marketing industry tends to over complicate things.   Maybe this is on purpose, or perhaps there is just too much lost in translation.  My goal in this 2 part video series is create some clarity.

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VIDEO: a review of the formulas and math

As owners of service businesses, we spent a tremendous amount of time, energy, and money trying to generate service calls for our technicians and salespeople.  These calls cost money, and it is important that you don’t over or under spend.  RELATED:  Part 2 – HOW TO CALCULATE YOUR MARKETING COSTS.

I know that I do, and our clients do as well. That’s why it’s absolutely critical that you understand how to calculate your needed call volume. So many in the residential trades have asked me,

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(VIDEO) The Success of Jake Pettit

Jake left the Sales Series, and immediately closed his first sales call for $18,867!  We are super happy for Jake.  He is going to be an absolute super star, and this is going to be life changing for his family.  RELATED:  The PRESS PLAY for Sales Training Series.

Sales Training produces big results for HVAC Sales Professional

The PRESS PLAY for HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical Techs and Sales Professionals is producing massive results.  People are investing 2.5 days, and getting a life time of profits and growth.

Jake sent me an email the morning after class.  I’m going to share it with you below:

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Why I'm extending the Early Bird Offer

Have you ever missed out on something before you even knew it was available?  Well, that’s happened to you this week, and you didn’t even know it.

This week, for the first time our Early Bird Offer was gone before it even got started.

Let me explain.

Our PRESS PLAY Programs are so popular that clients have been calling in to reserve their spots before the program was officially released.

Today is the fist official day that the class goes live, and the Early Bird Discounts are already gone.  SEE CLASSES HERE.

Typically, I give a 15% discount to the first 10 students that register for class. After the first 10 are gone, it’s back to full price.

That’s usually how it works. Not this week though. This week, I’m going to break my own rule. And I’m doing it out of a sense of fairness to you.

You see, I think it would be unfair for you to miss out on an Early Bird offer that you didn’t even know existed.

So, this is what I’m going to do. I’m going to extend the Early Bird Offer through this week. If you book this week, you can get 15% Off any of our PRESS PLAY Training Programs.  SEE CLASSES HERE.

There’s only 2 ways that you can miss out on this Early Bird Offer:

1. You wait to book until next week, or

2. The class books completely full before you get a chance to take the offer. (The class filling early is very likely to happen.)

I don’t want you to miss out on creating transformation in your life, and the life of your team. So, book early, save 15%, and get huge results.

If your ready to book, or if you have questions, then Joe is on standby ready to help. You can call our office line at 512-333-4133, or call Joe on his mobile number at 334-322-5215.

your’s in turning learning into earning,

Todd Liles with Service Excellence Training


Finalist for Consultant of the Year!

Our very own Chris Loudermilk has been nominated as Consultant of the Year!  He deserves it too!


His clients absolutely adore him!

Chris has many talents.  For one, he is a marketing genius.  Chris is a also great sales coach.  Chris even volunteers his time in a big brother program.

For all of his gifts, he can’t dance.

It’s actually pretty sad.  He has been embarrassing himself on camera lately as he attempts to bust a move.

I’m hoping that if Chris wins Consultant of the Year, he will give up dancing and stick to coaching.

Will you help a man that has helped so many by Voting for Chris Loudermilk for Consultant of the Year?