Episode 24 – How Google and Steve’s Plumbing Leads Their Team Members to Success

Google is an amazing company, and has some amazing strategies for growth.  The primary reason they have been able to grow is because they have a great culture of leadership.

#24 - The Service Contractor Radio Show

In this episode, we unpack the 8 Google Rules, and how you can apply their rules in your company.  We will also take a look at the 4 keys that Steve Egner uses to lead his plumbers in his plumbing company.


Leading Your Team to Victory!

When visiting with owners of Plumbing, HVAC and Electrical Business’ the conversation tends to revolve around systems and strategies that will drive results. The focus is on vision, strategy, implementation and accountability.

Shootout Victory

The reality though is that those systems and strategies are useless without great people. As Business owners, you are not in the systems Business. You are in the PEOPLE Business! It takes GREAT people to deliver GREAT results!

So, if this is true, how do you get the most and the best out of your PEOPLE? Is it through effective Management or is the answer found in the power of GREAT Leadership?

Increased Closing Percentage and Average Ticket after Sales Training

After going to the last PRESS PLAY training my replacement close ratio went from 10% to 66%, and my tickets increased as well.  (My average install is now over $14,000!)

Mack Chambers and Family

By using the hiring process from Service Excellence we were able to find a good tech. After getting him trained at PRESS PLAY he now converts 50% of our replacement leads from his service calls!! (Before we were only getting a couple a month)

This has dramatically affected our marketing expense and our bottom line! Both in a good way!

One of the biggest factors has been the pricing guide we were able to develop with Todd’s help. This enables us to communicate better with our clients so they can make the right choice for themselves. Before we would just try to get the job done for the cheapest price. Now, homeowners are buying better systems and they are excited about it!

Thank you Todd!!

Mack Chambers – A & A Air

Maximizing Your Tech’s Training Experience In Your Absence

You have a service tech that deserves training.  He has proven himself to be diligent and responsive to in-house training.  Now you want to send him to the next Sales or Service Training Program.  However,  you can’t travel, and you are concerned about him getting the most out of the experience.  The last thing you want is to waste your money, or mess up what is already working for this tech.  Don’t worry!  I have 7 tips that will guarantee your tech gets the most out of the next training class.

Sending your techs away for training

Inspect What You Expect

This is the #1 tip that I have for you.  Inspect what you expect.  This idea will apply to all of the other tips. 

The first step to inspection is to Attend the Class Yourself.   The PRESS PLAY Training System is dramatically different than the training systems that many of my clients are accustomed to.  Our system is based on Principles, not Scripts.  Scripts are good, but they are not the focus.  Your script should come from your principles.

Because of this difference, we ask that the first person to attend be the owner or the manager.  If you know what is taught, you can more accurately inspect your expectations when the tech returns from the class.

Talk With The Instructor

A quick conversation with the instructor can prepare your tech, and your trainer, for the best experience.   We encourage an open conversation with all of our clients about the students they are sending.

A request of good will for Steve Mores

Is there anything more frightening than facing the unknown?

Yes.  Facing the unknown without the support of friends, family, and people of good will.

Steve Mores is a very good friend of mine.  Tomorrow morning, he will be undergoing surgery to remove a tumor from his brain.

There is a good chance you know Steve as well.  He has been actively involved in the trades for 2 decades.  You may remember him as the President of the BuyMax group, or in his current role as IAQ expert and supplier for Dynamic IAQ.

I’m asking that you send Steve your good will.  Send to him your thoughts and prayers.

Will you do that?  If you wish to write him, you can do so here:  Steve Mores:  smores@dynamicaqs.com

It is uncommon that I would ask you to perform a spiritual act like prayer.  I hope will forgive this diversion from the usual topics.  I greatly care about Steve, and believe in the Power of Prayer.

PS:  Do you also need some good will sent your way?  If so, then feel free to let me know.  We have a group of Prayer Warriors that support each other, and we would be happy to pray for you as well.

You can discover more about the Prayer Warriors Group Below.