2 things every tech needs from his wife

the importance of her support

Your wife is the biggest influence on your success or failure.  The service industry is hard.  It is ten times harder when you don’t have the support of your spouse.

2 things every tech needs from his wife

My wife is Shannon, and she is my biggest supporter.  Her voice is constantly playing in my head.  Thankfully, it’s a positive voice.  I believe she represents what most techs want from a wife.

Here are at least 2 things that Shannon does amazingly well, and I believe all wives should try to model:

Surviving After Summer

5.5 key strategies for making it through the slow season

Service companies are bad at saving money.  This is doubly true for the HVAC company and the HVAC Tech.  The Summer is a time for feast.  Yet, it only takes a change in the weather to leave many service techs searching for the change in their couch cushions.

Surviving after Summer

I worked with a Service Tech, let’s call him “Ralph,” that was great at sales.  It was common for him to earn $3,000 a week in commissions during Summer and Winter.  Yet, he was always broke during the Fall and Spring.  He was making well over $150,000 for a complete year, yet he was broke half the time.

By comparison, I made about $36,000 my first year as a tech in 2001.  On $36,000 a year I was able to pay my bills, put my wife through college, and put back a small amount into my savings.

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Today, I have a business that is 100% debt free, and the only personal debt I have is my home.  By the end of this year, I will have my home paid for as well.  Even though my financial life isn’t marked by the same seasons as your life, I still have ups and downs.  Sometimes those downs are very low.  Without these 5.5 key strategies, I would be in big trouble.

Chris Yanez sells $97,000 in HVAC Replacement in his 1st week!!

Chris Yanez sold $97,000 in HVAC replacement last week.  That’s in his first week in the sales position.  He’s pretty excited.   (Who wouldn’t be if you are on pace to triple your income?)  After his second sale, he sent us this email:

“Just sold my second job for $18,125, my first was $14,000 cash!”

Last night he sent me this message,

“Hey fellas I sold 5 jobs last week!  $97,000 in sales! I guess your class paid off, huh? Thanks again!  Oh, go 49ers!”

Chris is the perfect example of the results that we are getting for our clients.  Since Chris is doing so well, I wanted to take a moment and profile Chris.

Let this profile serve to answer the question: “Should I send my guy to the Sales Series?”  (more…)

Breaking the Fear of Engagement

becoming a Top Gun

In Top Gun, Maverick represents the type of man we all want to be.  He is strong, handsome, wins at life, wins with the ladies, and flies a freaking fighter jet!  Right now I bet you are singing, “Danger Zone” in your mind, aren’t you?  Going to take it right into the danger zone!

Breaking the fear of engagement

However, Maverick had a few bumps in the road on his way to becoming Top Gun.  He suffered a terrible loss, and developed a massive Fear of Engagement.  His fear almost grounded him, permanently.  He recovered, and saved the day.  Unfortunately, not every hvac tech, plumber, or salesperson recovers from his Fear of Engagement.

6 power tools every service tech should own

what you need to succeed

I remember my first trip to buy my service tools.  It was awesome!  Mike Bellissimo (my boss) walked me into the supply house and said, “Todd’o my boy, you’re not a tech if you don’t have tools!”  He handed me a pair of Klein’s and said, “Don’t skimp on your tools.  Good ones will last you a lifetime, and keep you alive.  Bad ones will last a season, and could leave you dead.”  RELATED – How to Repair Your Tech or Salesperson’s Confidence

6 power tools every tech should own

I didn’t know it at the time, but Mike was sharing a life lesson with me.  He was teaching me about the value of making a worthy investment, and using the right tools.  That day I bought over $600 in service tools.  That was no small amount for me, and I had to put them on the company tool account.  I still have those tools to this day!

Mike also taught me several other lessons about the tools needed to succeed.  Not every tool is used to fix a system.  Some of your power tools are for your mind.  Some are for your sales.

How to be a manager people respect

5 essential management keys

As a manager, you depend on the power of respect to lead your people and get your job done.  Respect is the great resource that all managers want, but few possess.

How to be a manager people respect

Managers serve as a resource, advocate, and leader to their technicians and salespeople.  In addition, a manager is the implementer of strategy for the business owner.   With all of the demands on the average manager, it can be very easy to become the type of manager that is not respected.  A manager without respect will struggle, and find work to be a painful grind.

The Hedgehog sales close

Selling the unwanted

While in college, I worked at a pet store.  One of my favorite sales closes involved a hedgehog.  This same close I’m going to show you could be used for your HVAC, Plumbing, or Electrical Add-ons.

Hedgehog sales close

Customers visiting a pet store immediately go to the cute stuff.

“Can I hold the bird?  Can I hold the puppy?  Can I hold the rabbit?”

It’s like a client that has an HVAC problem.  They immediately go for the obvious.