You must be crazy! I would never pay that much for…

Building Value in your Solutions in 3 easy steps

Sometimes the price objection isn’t the real objection. Many times it’s a value objection!


Let’s dive right in there.

It can be frustrating when you are unable to close the client on Solutions that you know are right for him/her.

It should be an easy YES? So why does this happen, and how do we prevent it? How do we build Value in our Solution(s) making it easy for the client to say YES?

Let’s explore these questions together.  I hope that this conversation starts here, but does not end here. My hope is that it spills over onto Facebook, LinkedIn, and into your company.

Celebrating life’s special moments

An update from our family

Special moments deserve to be celebrated.  My pastor, Randy Phillips, refers to life’s special moments as “frame worthy events.”  The last couple of weeks have held some very special moments for the SET family, and I’m going to share those with you in the “frame” of this blog post.  I’m also going to share with you a short lesson on the power of celebrating life’s special moments.

celebrating life's special moments

Do you remember when you graduated and everyone clapped for you?  That was a special moment.  It made you feel amazing!  This is one of the reasons we need to celebrate.

Reasons to Celebrate Life’s Special Moments

  1. Public Recognition is a powerful motivator.
  2. Our memory fades.  Frames last forever.
  3. People need to know that you care about their life and accomplishments.
  4. Captured moments lift our spirits when we are low.

I hope that you will enjoy a few of these special moments from the lives of our SET Family.

The true cost of running an hvac business

"Is the owner getting rich?"

How many times has a technician said, “I think the owner is getting rich!”?   There’s an interesting perception that business owners must be raking in the cash.   Is that true?  RELATED – 11 Things to Know About Commission Based Pay for Service Techs

Is the owner getting rich?

Well I have the answer and I’m going to share it with you.  

How the labor shortage is effecting the hiring process

Is highly trained, drug free, and felon free still the standard for employment?

The highly trained, drug free, and criminal background free employee has been the golden standard of the retail residential contractor for the last 20 years.  But is this standard changing?  Will the pressure of the recent labor shortages and political movements create a new standard in the residential trades?  RELATED – Classroom Training

How the labor shortage is effecting the hiring process

Let us explore this question together.  I hope that this conversation starts here, and then spills onto Facebook, LinkedIn, and into your company.

What are the top 3 things keeping your team from achieving extraordinary results

A brief survey

What are the top 3 things keeping your team from achieving extraordinary Sales Results?

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 2.43.50 PM


Over the past 8 years I have been Blessed to do something that I love, for a living. I have worked with THOUSANDS of Service Professionals and Sales Consultants, providing Coaching and Training services and making a difference in people’s lives. I have seen some amazing Success stories along the way but Success is NOT a destination it’s a Journey and the Journey is not complete…..

With 20+ years of experience selling I am confident that I could come up with a few messages that would be beneficial. However, nothing beats hearing from those that matter most, this means you. Could you do us both a favor and take this brief survey It will take less than two minutes. However, it will help me better connect my solutions with your Business needs. The only goal, help you and your team achieve the results you want and need.

This will only take a few minutes and the results could TRANSFORM your results. Thank you in Advance for your feedback!

The transformational power of a great credibility statement

How to become your client’s superhero

Credibility statements are meant to build trust with your client.  When done properly, a credibility statement can be amazingly powerful.  When done improperly, it can come off as a canned presentation.  A bad credibility statement can even create trust issues for your client.  RELATED – How to Build Profitable Relationships

Transformational Power of a Great Credibility Statement

This is a short story about the absolute best credibility statement I have ever heard, and it had very little to do with certifications or skills.

It starts with the birth of our daughter

Willa "Super Hero" Liles

Willa “Super Hero” Liles

Willa is our daughter.  She is truly a special kid.  Intelligent, active, and funny!  However, she had a very rough start. 

Willa was born with a genetic disorder called Pierre Robin Sequence.  This malformation of her jaw caused severe difficulties in her breathing.  It was very common for Willa’s blood oxygen alarms to go off all through the night.  Once, the doctors even had to restart Willa’s heart.  Because of this, Willa was in the NICU unit of Dell’s Children’s Hospital for the first eight weeks of her life.

The NICU staff were highly trained in premature babies.  However, they were not all highly trained in the special needs of a baby with Pierre Robin.  To prevent any possibilities of mishaps, Shannon or I would go to the hospital during shift changes to go over Willa’s special needs.

Can you imagine how the nurses felt about us?  Sure, they understood that were speaking as concerned parents, but we were getting on their nerves.  Imagine how you would feel if your client kept telling you how to do your job.

Despite the risk of agitation, Shannon and I knew we had to be there for Willa.  She was our top priority, and she truly had special needs.

When life gives you lemons, make pizza!

How to make the best out of a bad situation

The best planning will not keep away every bad situation.  Life is going to send you troubles.  How you react to those troubles will determine how other people view your leadership skills.  In our recent Service Manager Series, my leadership was put to the test.  Here’s our story.  RELATED – Classroom Training

When life gives you lemons

With 20 minutes before lunch, I stepped out of the room to check on setup.  Shannon (my wife, superstar, and event coordinator) was in the hallway.  She was on the phone, and while I couldn’t hear her, I could see her.  Her face was flushed, and she looked panicked.