Jack Arnold’s Transformation from Time and Material to Flat Rate

Jack Arnold is a Time and Material electrical contractor from Chicago. He suffers from the same headaches all Time and Material contractors suffer from: inconsistent pricing, complaining clients, low profits, and unclear systems and procedures.

Jack Arnold to Switch from Time and Material to Flat Rate copy

I’ll fully admit that I didn’t know that Jack was a Time and Material contractor when he signed up for our Sales Training Class. I met Jack through Facebook, and his name became familiar through our online interactions. After offering several helpful tips, and sharing several articles, Jack decided to test the waters by attending his first Sales Training Program. Jack’s first experience excited him so much, that he has decides to transform his business.

Jack is on transformation journey. It’s a journey that will take his company away from Time and Material, and into the world of Flat Rate.

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Exploring a Social Marketing Master Mind

At every program an owner will ask me, “Can you teach me how to do what you do on Social Media?” Most of the time, I offer a rough outline, and give my advice.

Then the owner says, “Can I pay you to teach me?” I thank the owner for thinking so highly of my social media marketing, and politely decline.

As in the past, it happened again. Owners are asking me to teach them how I go to Market with Social Media.

Tim Wright of Crossway Mechanical was very persuasive. As a matter of fact, he wouldn’t take a polite decline as an answer.

So, I’ve decided to “Explore” the idea. I willing to brain storm with you to discover if this is something that will be of value to you, and return a result for you and SET.

On Monday, the 13th, I will hold an Exploration Webinar. The goal is to determine the following:

  1. What do HVAC Business Owners want out of their Social Media Accounts?
  2. Who is interested in participating in a 10 Company Master Mind for Social Media Marketing?
  3. When will the program kick off? (If we decide to launch it.)

If you want to learn more about the Exploration Webinar, then:

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The 5 Ways to Lose Money with Flat Rate Pricing

and how to avoid these money drainers

Flat rate pricing has been around in one form or another for more than 30 years. I remember using flat rate in 1985 as a helper. Every company I was with as a tech used flat rate of some type. From the classic task list to the simplified level pricing to tiered package pricing, flat rate is the go to pricing for the service trades.

Flat rate is a part of a very powerful business strategy, but can be the proverbial two-edged sword. Some have tried flat rate only to see lower ticket averages, higher frequency of “diagnostic only”, and upset customers. Those that experience these issues usually blame the pricing and revert to the old time and material method of pricing. RELATED: HOW TO PRESENT FLAT RATE

In an effort to save you the headaches experienced by others, here’s a list of 5 things they did to lose money using flat rate pricing. Use these to avoid the same mistakes.

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How to Boost Motivation and Sales in 30 Minutes or Less

LIVE Talk with Joe and Todd

Today’s post is a recording of a Live presentation that Joe Person and I did on Facebook.  I am absolutely loving this media form! It gives me an opportunity to connect with you in the social places that you love.  If you don’t already like our page, then make sure you click the link and like this on Facebook >> SET’s Facebook page.

In this live video, Joe and I are talking about sales.  We focus on the following topics:

  1. Sales Management Tips for Motivation
  2. Preparing for a New Season
  3. Overcoming Holiday Objections
  4. Live Listener Selected Questions

The video goes for 30 minutes. This is a great resource for managers, technician, CSRs, and salespeople.

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How Companies Lose Money With Flat Rate

Live Talk and Coffee with Chris

Residential service companies switch to flat rate to maximize their customer service experience, and profits. So, it’s a darn shame when they lose money on flat rate. Unfortunately, this happens more than you would think.

Chris Elmore and Todd Liles sat down to discuss exactly how companies lose money on flat rate. We also enjoyed some really good coffee  during the conversation.

If you are operating flat rate inside of your service company, then you will want to watch this video. You may just discover how to operate your flat rate system more profitably.

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