Your Business’ Health Check

For almost all of us there comes a time in our lives when we NEED a regularly scheduled Health Check! Its just a part of life. We do these things proactively to insure a long, healthy and active lifestyle. Ignoring our Health could have a very negative impact on our bodies, our lives and of course our Families.  The same is true for your Business.

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There are also times in every HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical business when the Business needs it’s own Health Check. Maybe it is your team, your marketing strategies, sales, client satisfaction or profits.

Can you recognize the symptoms of an unhealthy business?

Do you ever worry that there are things going on inside your Business that are beyond or beneath your line of site? In other words, symptoms that are undiagnosed?

Exposing the Myth of Average Ticket

“What is your average ticket?”  Get a group of techs, plumbers, salespeople, or business owners in a room and the question is going to come up.  Everyone wants to talk about the average ticket of their plumbers and HVAC techs.   

Steve Egner of Steve's Plumbing.  [Pic taken during a Business Coaching Session.]

Why?  Because you want to know how your techs compare to other techs.  It is a simple way to check your stats.  To see how your service company is “adding-up.”  However, most comparisons are not accurate, because most companies use an artificially inflated number for their average ticket.

The Artificially Inflated Average Ticket  

This artificial inflation is done by only counting closed calls into the average.  The calls that were not closed get taken out before the average is calculated.  Diagnostic Only calls and Zero Ticket calls never go into the calculation of an average ticket for most contractors.  

The Artificially Inflated Average Ticket Formula =

Total Money Collected / Total Calls Closed

This approach may look better on paper, and it may even make you feel better, but it is not a “true average ticket.”  

Get More of the Leads You are Already Paying For!

Many years ago before starting my own contracting business I was hired on as the sales and marketing manager for a 30 year old contracting company. At the time they had more leads coming in than they knew what to do with. In fact, there were so many the receptionist would write them down and leave them in a bin on her desk and the sales people would just grab the ones they wanted.

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Of course this behavior was corrected and modified, (As was most of the entire staff) but I still did not appreciate the value of that ringing phone.

That is until I left to start my own business that did not have 30 years of status in the community. (More on that in a minute)

The 4 Times Your Techs Are Guaranteed to Get on Your Nerves

“I’ve only got 1 nerve, and you are jumping all over it!”  My mom loved to say that to my sister and I.  It was her way of communicating that she had lost her patience with our non-sense.  She was serious about being left alone, but we thought it was the funniest thing ever.  We would laugh, and then immediately run out of arms reach.

4 Times Techs Get On Your Nerves

It stopped being funny to me when I began to manage techs for a living.  All of sudden, I found myself with a limited amount of nerves.

Like my mom’s kids, my techs found the perfect time to “jump on my nerves.”

Just Give Them The Pickle – World Class Service in your HVAC Business

Every HVAC Business has opportunities to provide Client’s with a “WOW” moment.  Sometimes delivering World Class Service in your HVAC Business can be as simple as just giving them the pickle.

Delivering World Class Service in your HVAC Business

Bob Farrell built a very successful Restaurant chain known for amazing burgers and shakes. One day, he received a letter from one of his regular customers. The gentleman had been coming to Bob’s restaurant for over 3 years.