The 5 Leadership Lessons of Jon Snow

Jon Snow is everyone’s favorite bastard in The Game of Thrones. He is noble, kind, and just. Jon makes good decisions that build loyalty. (Except for the time it got him killed.) But even then, Jon followed his heart and chose what he felt was the best option.


Jon made a particularly tough decision when he chose to let the Umber’s and Karstark’s keep their family lands and castles.

For those of you that are not familiar with the Game of Thrones fans, allow me to give some back story.

[If you don’t want the back story, then skip to the post after the picture of the Dire Wolf.]

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facebook live video

Flat rate is the preferred method of the residential service company. The advantages of flat rate over time and material are many. Clients prefer the flat rate system, and well trained technicians do as well.

How to Present Flat Rate

In this Facebook Live Video, I’m going to show you How to Present Flat Rate to your clients. [This video was a live recording. I answer questions from the audience at the end.]

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How to Prevent False Claims with a Proper Visual Inspection

I read one of those online reviews that made my skin crawl. The homeowner wrote this review on Rip Off Report, an online watchdog website. The review questioned the integrity of the technician, company, and the equipment being used in the test.

Preventing False Claims with Proper Visual Inspections

Before you read this review, let me make something super clear. I am not making a claim that the homeowner’s opinion is fact. Nor, am I claiming that the homeowner is lying. I’m not taking a side for the homeowner, or the company mentioned.

I’m giving you my perspective on the matter. Practical advice that can help you build trust, and protect you.

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