And 3 Ways To Always Stay On-top

Have you ever notice how athletes crash after a big win? Think about Michael Jordan in 1993. He was at the height of his career. He had three NBA championships, an Olympic gold medal, and was making hundreds of millions of dollars in basketball and endorsements. And at the age of 30, he decided it was time to retire and hang up his shoes.


Actually, he traded in his Air Jordan’s for a pair of baseball cleats. He walked away from an amazing career, and decided to start over with baseball. BASEBALL!

Why did Michael Jordan walk away from a successful career?

You are probably not a professional athlete. You are a professional in your chosen field. Just because you’re not an athlete doesn’t mean you don’t share something in common with Michael Jordan. You may be close to a big crash, just like Michael was in 93.

A hack electrician job

There is a real difference between a professional electrician and a hack.

A Professional Electrician

  • Never compromises System and Client Safety.
  • Completes his work to Code Standards or better.
  • Is proud of his work.
  • Is paid what he is worth.

A Hack Electrician

  • Doesn’t care about the Safety or Heath of his customer.
  • Doesn’t with standards.
  • Thinks work is a pain, not a point of pride.
  • Is paid far too much for the danger he creates.

At Service Excellence Training, we focus on communication training.  We are proud to teach the best professionals in all the trades.  Our great list of clients:  electricians, hvac techs, and plumbers are real professionals.  They would never do this type of hack work.

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*This terrible example of a tapped power supply was brought to you by Ronald Potts. He gave me the pic, he did not do this work.


the dangers of being “too smart”

If you want to kill your sales, then become a know-it-all. Being too smart will cost you a lot of money. Simplicity is the key to sales success.

Sell with simplicity

In the training world, there is a trend. It goes like this:

  1. Talk Like a Client > Produce Big.  The natural way to speak before you become too smart.
  2. Talk Like an Apprentice > Sales Level Off.  Starting to use too much industry slang, and over communicating.
  3. Talk Like an Expert > Sales Drop.  Forgetting that your client doesn’t speak the industry language.

As a trainer, this is a common trend I see in the residential trades.

Why Do Sales Drop When You Talk Like an Expert?

Sell products, get price complaints


“If you are only selling products, then you will get lots of price complaints.” – Todd Liles

We teach you how to build the value of you.  Find out more here:  CLASSROOM TRAINING


[VIDEO] A better way to recruit.

Here at Service Excellence Training we talk to a lot of HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical contractors from all over the country.

there's a better way to recruit

We learn about the issues they are facing and try to help them improve their business for themselves, and their team.

One issue we hear about from a lot of service companies is the belief that there are no good techs to be hired.

So, we dig into the methods and practices that these companies are using to recruit, hire, and train potential team members.

Most often we find that their recruiting system is broken.

But instead of fixing their broken system, they tell us that there are no good plumber or hvac techs to be found.

This reminds me of a famous quote from Einstein:

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. – Einstein

It’s kind of like our friend in the picture.


dealing with the loss of my mother, and the chaos that followed

The last 5 months have been hard. In January my mom started down the road that would lead to her death. I started living my life out of a suitcase. I pulled my family back and forth from Texas to Mississippi. On May 20th, mom died. She was buried on the 22nd, her birthday. May 31st, the day after Memorial Day, I stepped into my office in Austin, TX.

Do you get back on or quit?

I’m writing this for me. You see, I’m depressed. Right now, at this very moment, I’m completely out of “normal.” So, this post is selfish. It’s for me. Yet, I know that many of you will relate.

I feel like I have lost grasp of what normal means.