4 reasons to fire your client

I once had a client that I cared deeply for, but could not seem to actually help.  This was not for lack of trying either.  I would agonize over the little details.  “What could I do or say differently that would get the message across?”  RELATED – Business consulting

4 reasons to fire your client

The worst thing about not being able to help the client was facing the client each week.  I knew we were going to go around and around, and accomplish very little.  The longer this relationship lasted, the more I could see what needed to be done.  I needed to fire this client.

6 keys that will transform your training sessions

Have you ever left a training session feeling like it was just wasted time?  How about that one where you felt like you had just been through a BEAT DOWN session!? I remember walking away from meetings and not having anything but negative thoughts go through my mind for at least the next couple of calls. (I’m sure the clients could smell the stink in my attitude).  RELATED – How to get the most out of your conference after it is over.

6 keys that will transform your training sessions

Today’s post is written by Terry Barrett. He is a service manager for AirNow in Alabama, and The Director of Tech Training for Service Excellence Training.

I also recall walking out of meetings wondering, “What in the world did we just spend our time discussing or doing?” You know the meetings that you leave thinking, “Why in the world was I not out running calls and at least making money?” 

If you can relate, then let me give you some tips to make sure this is never one of your meetings/trainings that you hold:

3 keys that make your systems and procedures personal

Running a Business can be tricky. Part of the reason for that is we spend so much time on Systems and Processes, and not enough time on people.  That’s a mistake, because in reality we are all in the People Business.   Systems and Procedures are easy, it’s the people part of business that’s tricky.  RELATED – Your Success Tuneup

3 keys to making systems and procedures personal

It’s not that we don’t need to focus on systems and processes, but we are devoting too much time to this one area. Take for example some of my recent discussions with one of my clients, Matt Hickman.  Matt is the owner of Kean’s Pump Shop, Mr. Electric, Mr. Rooter, and Aire Serv of St. John’s, Newfoundland. 

Our initial visits focused heavily on systems and processes. We discussed the following:

On-Boarding a New Hire

We focused on creating an outline/plan that would allow them to hire a new team member, and create a very specific agenda and timeline, based on an on-boarding and training program.

The goal was to get the new hire acclimated to the culture of the business, as well as the business systems and processes, as quickly as possible.

Our first 2 million dollar month – Abacus Plumbing, Cooling, and Electrical

4 years ago I was riding in Alan O’Neill’s truck.  We were discussing the future, and the plans to grow Abacus Plumbing.

first 2 million dollar month - Abacus Plumbing, Cooling, and Electrical

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Abacus was budgeted for 6 million our first year of training together.  We finished the year at 9 million.  RELATED – Online Training.

A year later, Alan wrote me and said, “We just had our first Million Dollar Month!”

I wrote back and said, “You will soon have a 2 Million Dollar month!”

Yesterday, (April 9th) Alan wrote me again, this time through Facebook.

“Just had our first ever $2M month (March) Todd, I’m pretty pumped.  I want you to know you had a huge part of laying the foundation for us to build upon.  Thank you Todd!” – Alan O’Neill, Abacus.  RELATED – Classroom Training

This is where I get a little uncomfortable.

Alan is like you.  He and his team are doing the hard-work of growing Abacus.  When I get these types of messages, I feel a little shame mixed with pride.

I’m just a teacher,  (a really good teacher), but just a teacher at the end of the day.

Terry, Thomas, and myself get to wake up everyday and do what we LOVE!  Yes, we help.  But YOU do the work!  RELATED – Business Coaching

After I got the message, I called Alan and said the following:

“Alan, congrats brother!  I knew you could do it!  Soon, you will have your first $3 Million Dollar Month.”

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How to handle the inquisitive customer

“Why is this person trying to trick me?” That question gets played out in technicians’ heads every day. It doesn’t apply to just local technicians, either. I have heard this same question from Techs from East to West Coasts. Let’s talk about how to turn this situation into a great experience for Tech and the Customer!  RELATED – Is it a lie?  The “I want to think about it” sales objection.

How to handle the inquistive customer
Today’s post is written by Mack Chambers. He is a service manager for Clockwork Heating and Cooling in Athens, GA.

The biggest part to making these calls easy and enjoyable is understanding the customer.

There is a vast misconception that they are trying to trick you or don’t trust you. Let’s be clear, if you don’t work with the customer in the way that fits their needs, you actually will have that happen. You’ll break their trust completely.

6 ways to prevent side jobs

Side jobs are the dirty little secret of service techs and plumbers.  Business owners hate them, and many techs depend on them for extra income.  If side jobs are being done at a company, then it is the direct fault of the Service Manager and Business Owner.  RELATED – 3 reasons why you should do side jobs

6 ways to prevent side jobs

How does it feel to take ownership of side jobs?  Are you saying to yourself, “How in the heck is it my fault?”

There are reasons why techs do side jobs.  Most of those reasons center on money or vision. 

Sometimes, the side job is done by the unethical person as well.  No matter the reason, it is your fault as the Service Manger for allowing it to happen.

This isn’t about blame, it is about ownership of the responsibility.

If you own it, you can fix it. If you are a victim, you are doomed.  You will find no victims in the winner’s circle.  Only responsible leaders that have fixed their problems.

6 ways to prevent side jobs

3 reasons why you should do side jobs

Are you a technician or plumber that has been considering taking on “side jobs”?  Side jobs are a great way to earn extra money as a technician.  There are many clients that will gladly have you perform the needed repair outside of the normal work channels. 

3 reasons why you should do side jobs

Perhaps you have been considering taking some side jobs, but haven’t yet.  This post will serve as an educational piece for you.  Let’s explore 3 of the best reasons why you should do side jobs.

This piece incorporates the use of sarcasm, irony, satire, truth, and fiction. In case it is not clear, Todd Liles and Service Excellence Training DO NOT condone side jobs in any fashion.