The 7 Sales Lessons of Dori

I often use movie clips and references in my Sales Training sessions.  A movie clip can draw you into the scene, and quickly communicate a message.  One of my favorite Sales Movies is Disney’s Finding Nemo.

The 7 Sales Lessons of Dori

Oh, you didn’t know that was a movie about sales?  Allow me to create clarity with this post, the 7 Sales Lessons of Dori.

The 7 Sales Lessons of Dori – Just Keep Swimming

Pearl of Wisdom: “When life gets you down, do you know what you’ve gotta do? Just keep swimming!”

#1 – Face Your Fears

Don’t be intimidated by what seems to be the impossible.  Fear is a very good liar.  Fear screams into your ear, “Don’t go there!”  However, fear only wants what belongs to you, which is your future.  Every person in a selling situation must face his / her fear.  It is natural to be intimated by one of the Principles of PRESS PLAY.  It is the person that overcomes fear that wins!  RELATED – Overcoming the Guilt and Shame of Selling

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1.4 to 2.6 million in 3 years – Why Steve’s Plumbing uses the PRESS PLAY Training System

Steve’s Plumbing has been a model client.  They have achieved a 89% growth rate since 2011.  Steve is kind enough to share with us his thoughts on how Service Excellence Training has assisted in their amazing growth.  CLICK HERE for PDF Download of Infographic

Steve's Plumbing 2011 to 2014

Steve, tell us a about your business.

Rachel and I have operated Steve’s Plumbing, LLC, since 1995.  This is our 20th year in business.  We’ve been on a steady growth track since 2006.  Last year’s gross revenue was 2.67 Million, with 4 full-time technicians.  

We currently have 5 licensed techs, one apprentice, and two CSR’s, in addition to Rachel and myself.  Our team’s average ticket is always over $1000,  Our team’s closing rate is 86%.

Why did the client lose interest? – submitted question

Have you ever had a client that seemed highly interested, until the price came out?   That happened recently to reader and HVAC Technician Fred Myers.

Why did the client lose interest?

He submitted the following question:

I love your posts. I read them and share them with my fellow friends that are in the business. But I sometimes run into this situation..

Today I was replacing a heat strip on a system that was under warranty (parts and labor for 10 years). The system is 3 years old.

I noticed that the client’s blower motor had been replaced.

To make a long story short, I did a duct load and . . I show him that his current duct system is too small.  He asked, and I gave him a solution of replacing and redesigning him a new duct system.

He was on board until the price…. He gives me the ole “I am going to be selling the home soon, but if I don’t I’ll call you.”

Do you treat this like a smokescreen??

Also, he asked, “Why hasn’t anyone else done this, and why wasn’t it caught before the system was installed?” And I gave him some good answers, but could not close it today.. It still might close but…

Thanks Todd,

Fred Myers

Thanks for the great question Fred.  To help you, I’m going to tackle the following components of your question:

  1. Is it a smokescreen?
  2. Why did he say, “Why hasn’t anyone else done this, and why wasn’t it caught before the system was installed?”
  3. What can you do next time to close the sale?

Is it a lie? The “I want to think about it” sales objection

This is the conclusion of the 5 part series on objections.  You shall end this series with what many people believe is the toughest sales objection, “I want to think about it.”  As a service technician or professional salesperson, you have heard this objection many times before.  My question to you is the following,

I want to think about it

“Is this objection a lie?”

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To discover if it is a lie, then go through this checklist with yourself:

  1. Do I feel like the client genuinely likes me, and wants to do business with me?
  2. Does the client understand my recommendations?
  3. Does the client believe I have given the best recommendations?
  4. Does the client feel like the price I am giving her is a fair price?
  5. Would the client have anything else to think about if the price fit into an amount she was willing to pay?  In other words, if the total was $400 less, would she say “Yes”?

When you discover the answers to the questions above, then you will know if the client is lying.  Here is a hint:  She is probably lying.