Why Halloween is the Best Holiday for Uniting People

I love Halloween.  It may just be my favorite Holiday.  Now, I have gotten plenty of flack for saying that in the past.

Why Halloween is the Best Holiday for Uniting People

You love Halloween more than Christmas?!

Yeah, I think I do.

You love Halloween more than July 4th?!

Yeah, I do.

So, I really love Halloween.  Those other Holidays are great, but they are not Halloween.

I have some very good reasons why Halloween is my favorite Holiday, read on to discover why.

11 Things to Know About Commission Based Pay for Service Techs

Commission based pay, also know as performance pay, has a mixed reputation.  There are a lot of misconceptions, and downright lies being told about commission based service techs and companies.

11 Things to know about commission based pay for service techs

In full disclosure, not all of my clients are on commission based pay for their service techs and plumbers.  I think that is a mistake.

Because of my belief, I have decided to write the 11 things service techs, plumbers, comfort advisors, managers and business owners need to know about commission based / performance pay.

1.  Commission based pay is not evil.  I’m not sure who decided that commission based pay was the work of the devil, but they have done a good job of spreading that lie.  Paying commission is far from evil.  It is a good thing.

2.  Commission based service techs are not crooks.  Who is spreading this crap?  Commissions don’t encourage you to steal.  As a matter of fact, it may interest you to know that 55% of all business theft actually comes from managers, not front line people getting paid commissions.

3.  Fixed labor percentages solve massive problems.  Performance pay locks in one of the most troublesome numbers in business:  field labor.

4.  Budgeting becomes easier.  Once your numbers are locked in, budgeting becomes so much easier.

5.  Accountability becomes your business partner.  Techs are actually more accountable to performance when they are paid for it.

6.  Skill level goes up.  Commission based pay requires a technician to be a skilled communicator and service tech.  In the case of a pure salesman, he will sharpen his communication skills.

7.  Reputation becomes more important.  A commission based company never wants to get the impression of going for the “money grab.”  It focuses the entire company on the critical task of maintaining brand.

8.  Callbacks go down.  No one wants to do double work for the same pay.  Performance based pay encourages slowing down and doing it right the first time.

9.  Marketing becomes more important.  When your techs are not being paid for cleaning the shop, you will do your best to keep them in calls.

10.  Service Techs get paid what they are worth.  This is important.  People deserve to be paid what they are worth.  Not more, and not less.  If you are receiving an hourly pay, then you are always in one category or the other.

11.  Hybrid pay is another form of commission pay.  If you are saying to yourself, “I’m hourly, and I get a bonus at the end of every month depending on how I performed.”  Then guess what, that is another form of commission based pay.  That’s cool too.

There is my list of 11 things to know about commission based pay. I hope you do something with it.  “Like what?”  Switch to commission, or at least a form of performance pay.  That would be the first thing I would recommend. 

What would you add to this list?

PRESS PLAY for Sales Changed the Game for Garrett Lynn of Aire Serv Tyler!

Garrett Lynn of Aire Serv in Tyler Texas is having amazing success as a HVAC Sales Person.  He is attributing much of his recent success to the Training he received while at the PRESS PLAY for Sales Seminar in Austin, TX.  Garrett was so excited, he even sent in this wonderful testimony to share with all of you.


Garrett Lynn’s Testimony for the PRESS PLAY for Sales Training Seminar

Garrett Lynn of Aire Serv Tyler gives testimony for HVAC Sales Training Class

Garrett Lynn of Aire Serv Tyler gives testimony for HVAC Sales Training Class

I have been in HVAC sales for a little under four years now, and at $700,000.00 in system replacements sold year to date. I received my initial sales training from Thomas Dougherty, and have since tried to stay in touch with him as much as possible. Thomas has always made a point to get back to me on all my questions, and has never led me in the wrong direction. When I heard he went to work with Todd Liles, I wanted to see what his new sales training course was about.

The mindset I had going into the training class was not to walk out a million dollar salesman over night, but to take away a few tools to use during my sales calls to help me get to my goal of a one million dollars in sales in one year.

The biggest tool I walked away from the course with, was how to approach and communicate with my customers. Up until this class I went through the exact same script, in the same order every time, at the same pace. PRESS PLAY changed my entire outlook on this and specifically changed how I communicate with different customers that have different communication styles.

The very first call I ran after coming home from the PRESS PLAY training course went about as smooth as it possibly could, with MUCH less effort than I normally would have put into the call. I went through all my steps of building the relationship and so forth, but changed one single question before starting my 12 plus question survey. Thomas and Todd said to ask “What about your current system do you really like and want to keep?” The customer looked straight at me and said “Garrett, I’ve had three other companies out here and you are the first to ask that. When I first bought this system in 1994 I got the top of the line equipment. All my rooms keep an even temperature, saved me money on my energy bill, and keeps us at 78 in the summer time and 70 in the winter. If I could change one thing about the system today though it would be to get a 10 year parts and labor warranty, and save a little more on my energy bill.”

This one, yet very powerful question, got the customer to tell me everything I needed to know and what direction to go from there. The only topic I had to ask leading questions on was in regards to his IAQ issues.

This call ended in a closed sale and cut my call time in half. PRESS PLAY is worth every single penny! No matter if you are a brand new sales person or have been in it for ten plus years, these guys know how to help you take off your blinders and looks at things from a new perspective.

- Garrett Lynn-Aire Serv Tyler, Texas

We are so thankful that Garrett and his team trusted us to get them to the next level.  We would love to do the same for you.  Our next PRESS Play seminar is being held on November 10-12 in Austin, Tx. Seats are limited and we are already at 80% of capacity in the Sales Series class! Only 3 seats left.

Interested in growing sales the right way using proven and ethical principles! Call Thomas Dougherty today at 512-922-0517 and reserve your seat! Results Guaranteed!

Episode 24 – How Google and Steve’s Plumbing Leads Their Team Members to Success

Google is an amazing company, and has some amazing strategies for growth.  The primary reason they have been able to grow is because they have a great culture of leadership.

#24 - The Service Contractor Radio Show

In this episode, we unpack the 8 Google Rules, and how you can apply their rules in your company.  We will also take a look at the 4 keys that Steve Egner uses to lead his plumbers in his plumbing company.


Leading Your Team to Victory!

When visiting with owners of Plumbing, HVAC and Electrical Business’ the conversation tends to revolve around systems and strategies that will drive results. The focus is on vision, strategy, implementation and accountability.

Shootout Victory

The reality though is that those systems and strategies are useless without great people. As Business owners, you are not in the systems Business. You are in the PEOPLE Business! It takes GREAT people to deliver GREAT results!

So, if this is true, how do you get the most and the best out of your PEOPLE? Is it through effective Management or is the answer found in the power of GREAT Leadership?