3 Powerful Keys to Making More Money with Options

People like options. Options represent the power of choice. That’s why options work so well in boosting average tickets.

Instantly Make More Money with Options

Presenting options to homeowners is easy. When you know how to do it well, your Plumbing, Air Conditioning, Electrical, and Roofing sales will skyrocket. Best of all, the sale will be natural and low pressure.

I’m going to cover 3 simple keys to presenting options. These 3 options will make you more money, and require little work.

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You do not want to be accused of Price Gouging. Public perception is super powerful, and social media spreads like wildfire.

Price Gouging

Natural disasters are often accompanied with Price Gouging by unethical companies. When a few unethical companies price gouge, it doesn’t take long before the ethical companies get accused as well.

This Video Blog (VLOG) covers how to Prevent the Accusation of Price Gouging.

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Book More Calls With Positive Language

Why is it important to remove the words can’t and don’t from your vocabulary as a CSR or dispatcher?

The CSR Series

Using negative language can cost your company valuable clients. Negative language decreases customer satisfaction. And negative language leads to negative thinking.

When clients call your company, they have a problem. They are uninterested in what your company can’t do. Clients  crave a transformative experience. They need you to remove their fears, concerns and worries. They want you to provide exceptional service. 

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Do you know how to give Good News?

As a communication company, we often show you ways to soften the blow of bad news.

Give Good News

“Mrs. Smith, I’ve found what is causing your challenge today . . . . “

Yet, you will not always have a repair or a replacement to discuss. Sometimes, you will have nothing to recommend to the client.

This is good news for the client, but may not feel great to your pocket book.

[I’ve shot a short video on the subject. Use it as a lead in to the conversation at your company.]

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It worked so well poster size - 50

One of the biggest sins of a business is to stop doing what works.

This happens when we get bored with success, and start changing things for the sake of change.

So, do what works. Repeat the process. If it stops working, then adjust.

But for the love of your team, success, and money; don’t throw away the things that are working.

Have you ever committed this sin? I have!

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