a 5 step method to get you on the air

Great marketing is golden.  And when it’s free, it’s inlaid with diamonds.  Recently, my good friend Daniel Johnson grabbed some primetime free TV advertisement. [RELATED:  How to calculate your marketing cost.]  He was featured as a guest expert on the local NBC News Station in Dallas.

Plumbing company gets free marketing

The local TV station wanted to speak to a Plumber on Thanksgiving.  The topic, “what to do if your drains get blocked on the busiest Plumbing Day of the Year.”

Daniel went into the studio and demonstrated how to un-lodge a garbage disposal.  He had almost 2 minutes of face time to demonstrate his skills.  This was great exposure for his company, Dial 1 Plumbing of Cedar Hill.

In this post, I’m going to give you a 5 step method to get you on the air, and you can also check out Daniel’s presentation.

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demo with Dave Rutherford of Steve Huff Plumbing

Have you ever struggled to explain how something works to a homeowner?  Well, Dave Rutherford from Steve Huff Plumbing asked me,

How do I explain how a Thermal Expansion Tank works to a homeowner?

I showed him, and he thought it was hilarious.  So, this video shows that demonstration.  [Dave is a student of our PRESS PLAY for SALES Program in Austin.]

When you do this demonstration in the home, don’t soak the homeowner. That example was for a laugh. However, a bottle of water and a gentle squeeze is a technique you can use to demonstrate how a thermal expansion tank works.

Do you have a creative way of explaining how something works?

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video and blog post

Do you have children? If you do, then you know they are great at sales. Kids lack the road blocks that prevent adults from selling big.  GET YOUR DOWNLOAD:  Obliterate Objections.  One of the greatest hvac sales lesson I learned occurred from an interaction with my 5 year old nephew, Caleb Mayfield.

Sales lessons from a 5 year old

Caleb, wanted me to take him to the toy store. The initial sale he made was like this:

“Uncle Todd, do you think we could spend some time together?,” said Caleb.

“Yes of course Caleb. That would be nice.”

“Uncle Todd, do you think we could go to the toy store?”

Do you see what he did?! He got an easy confirmation, and then he started guiding the direction of the day.

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VIDEO - Killing the Service Professional

The Service Roundtable asked me to speak at their new Service World Expo in Las Vegas. My topic was called The Age of the Millennial – killing the service professional.   And I will admit it, I crushed my presentation!

Killing the Service Professional

It was so well received, that I didn’t want it to die.  So, I have recreated the presentation.  You will find it well worth watching.

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[VIDEO] and what to do about it

I once quit a “dream job.”  There was a distinct moment in my mind when I knew it was time to move on.  RELATED: The Death of an HVAC Salesman.

This video is for anyone that has been there.  It is also for the manager and owner that wants to prevent those great team members from leaving.

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Death of an HVAC Salesman

what killed Bill Jones

Across the table, the homeowner has the pen is his hand. His eyes move back and forth across the proposal. The tip of the pen presses on the premier package. Bill Jones, an HVAC Salesman, is watching. The homeowner’s eyes move back and forth across the proposal. The tip of the pen presses on the premier package. It sits there. Ink starts to form a small blot of blue. An eternity passes in 6 seconds.

The Death of an HVAC Salesman

He lifts the pen. His eyebrows push together, and it looks like two large caterpillars are pressing together face-to-face. He removes his glasses, and with his thumb and pointer finger he presses his eyebrows apart and flat.

The next question makes Bill panic,

Tell me about your installers. Do they do good work?

A bead of sweat runs down his back. It follows his spine and slips past his belt loop. More follows. Soon, this river of sweat has forked and grown.

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the age of the millennial

Will you be at Service World Expo in Vegas this Wednesday?  If so, then I hope to see you there!

I have a great presentation ready for you.  It’s called:  Killing the Professional – the age of the millennial.

There are 3 big issues that will be addressed:

  1. Why are we losing the Recruiting Battle?
  2. What is the most painful Millennial Generation Experience?
  3. How do we win with the Millennial Generation?

5 Special Virtual Guest:

  1. Alan O’Neill of Abacus PHAC
  2. Chris Hunter of Hunter HVAC
  3. Jason Shadowin of Electrical Detectives
  4. Steve Harris of Harris Plumbing
  5. and a Mystery Millennial!

This presentation will be fun, interactive, and transformational.  

If you are in Vegas, then make it a point to be in Trinidad #4 at 10AM Wednesday morning!