Why I'm extending the Early Bird Offer

Have you ever missed out on something before you even knew it was available?  Well, that’s happened to you this week, and you didn’t even know it.

This week, for the first time our Early Bird Offer was gone before it even got started.

Let me explain.

Our PRESS PLAY Programs are so popular that clients have been calling in to reserve their spots before the program was officially released.

Today is the fist official day that the class goes live, and the Early Bird Discounts are already gone.  SEE CLASSES HERE.

Typically, I give a 15% discount to the first 10 students that register for class. After the first 10 are gone, it’s back to full price.

That’s usually how it works. Not this week though. This week, I’m going to break my own rule. And I’m doing it out of a sense of fairness to you.

You see, I think it would be unfair for you to miss out on an Early Bird offer that you didn’t even know existed.

So, this is what I’m going to do. I’m going to extend the Early Bird Offer through this week. If you book this week, you can get 15% Off any of our PRESS PLAY Training Programs.  SEE CLASSES HERE.

There’s only 2 ways that you can miss out on this Early Bird Offer:

1. You wait to book until next week, or

2. The class books completely full before you get a chance to take the offer. (The class filling early is very likely to happen.)

I don’t want you to miss out on creating transformation in your life, and the life of your team. So, book early, save 15%, and get huge results.

If your ready to book, or if you have questions, then Joe is on standby ready to help. You can call our office line at 512-333-4133, or call Joe on his mobile number at 334-322-5215.

your’s in turning learning into earning,

Todd Liles with Service Excellence Training


Finalist for Consultant of the Year!

Our very own Chris Loudermilk has been nominated as Consultant of the Year!  He deserves it too!


His clients absolutely adore him!

Chris has many talents.  For one, he is a marketing genius.  Chris is a also great sales coach.  Chris even volunteers his time in a big brother program.

For all of his gifts, he can’t dance.

It’s actually pretty sad.  He has been embarrassing himself on camera lately as he attempts to bust a move.

I’m hoping that if Chris wins Consultant of the Year, he will give up dancing and stick to coaching.

Will you help a man that has helped so many by Voting for Chris Loudermilk for Consultant of the Year?



part 2 - How to get your Team to BEG for a Ride-Along

Think about your client for a second. She is expecting one team member to show up to correct a problem. To her surprise however, two people exit the vehicle (because it’s a Ride-Along.) [RELATED: The Anatomy of a Bad Ride-Along.]  

a great ride along program for your hvac, plumbing, electrical service techs

This can create unneeded anxiety and fear.

“Why two? They didn’t they say there would be two. What is going on? Can I trust them?”

So, here are some tips on setting the expectations up front while also building value in the Ride-Along.

#1 – Preparing Your Client for the Ride-Along


  1. Train the CSR on how to book the Ride-Along: Make sure that your CSR’s know when you will be riding along so that they can prepare your client. Provide scripting that helps the CSR prepare the client, and builds value in “why” we are doing the ride-along.

Example: “Betty, it is important to us that we are providing service that exceeds your expectations. We are constantly seeking . . .

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part 1 - How to get your Team to BEG for a Ride-Along

First and foremost, can we agree that Ride-Along evaluations are a critical component to team improvement? I mean, how else can you find out exactly what is happening out in the field?  RELATED:  Training for Managers

The anatomy of a bad ride-along

Most business owners use CSR/Dispatcher Debrief Reports as a substitute for a ride-along.  BUT, can you get a complete picture from the debrief report? (Of course not.) Why? Because the story you get is being told through the eyes of your Dispatcher, from a short conversation with a homeowner or technician. 

I’m not saying the debrief report isn’t valuable. All I’m saying is that it wouldn’t hold up in a court of law as unwavering fact.  Nor, should it in your court. In the end, whose point of view matters most? That’s right, the client’s. So, if we really want to see what the client is seeing, we can’t do that from behind a desk. That has to happen out in the field.

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VIDEO - how disrespectful marketing can destroy a company

There are some mistakes that can close the doors on a company.  The ad shown in this video is one those marketing mistakes.

Miracle Mattress in San Antonio Texas produced a marketing video that used the memory of 9/11 to sell and promote mattresses.  They used “humor” in a very terrible way.

In the video, they claimed all mattress were “twin price.”  Then, they knocked over two towers of mattresses.  After the young lady fakes distress, she looks into the camera with a smile and says, “We’ll never forget.”  This was a dumb move, and one that will cost them dearly.

What do you think about the Miracle Mattress marketing disaster?

Let us know by sharing and commenting on  and .


VIDEO - "how I changed my life" testimony from Chris Yanez

I changed my life, and I want you to know how you can change your life too.   My name is Chris Yanez. I have been working in the HVAC trades for 11 years.   I work in Bakersfield California for Monarch Home Services.

Before I got into sales, I was an install manager for the company.   A year ago I had shoulder surgery, so I decided I needed to make a change.

My boss had confidence in me. So, he decided to sent me to a great class in Austin, Texas.   PRESS PLAY for SALES with Service Excellence Training. When I went, I didn’t know what to expect.   So, I absorbed as much as I could in the 2 1/2 days.

After training, I came out and sold $97,000 in the first week in HVAC replacement sales!   From then on, it just kept getting better and better.

It’s September the 7th now,  and I’ve already sold $1,230,000 in replacement sales.

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[video] 5 key ingredients

“Earning $100,000 per year is a skill.  Once you figure out how to do it once, you’ll always be able to do it again.” I was told that Carl DiBene.  Carl is an ex Army Ranger, and somewhat of a legend in training plumbers.  He is tough, and demands that his people are tough as well.

Techs 80K 5 Key Ingredients to Making More Money

Carl wasn’t my first boss in the residential game, but he was critical to my career.  Carl was the guy that recognized that I had a hidden talent.  He could see that I was capable of doing more, and therefor being worth more.  Everyone needs a Carl in their life.  Someone that can see the hidden potential and open a new world of opportunities.

Carl showed me the way.  In return, I have given the same gift to thousands.  [Check out our Classroom Training Page]

In this post, I’m going to share 5 key ingredients to earning big bucks in the industry.  (There’s a video included as well.)

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