Scott Odom Testimonial

for the PRESS PLAY Training Series

What big idea will you and your team take from this training series:

“Write it down, write it down!”


Submitted in class – 10/24/12

Scott Odom is a manager of an HVAC Independent Contracting Company called 72 Degrees Heating & Cooling located in Sanford, NC.  Scott Odom was kind enough to provide the Service Excellence Training team with the wonderful video testimonial from above about his experience at Service Excellence Training’s classroom training event. HVAC, plumbing, and electrical independent contracting company managers, like Scott, are faced with the challenge of managing their teams.  Managing different personality types, temperaments, and motivational styles can be quite a task to take on; however, it is much easier to manage when you understand how to effectively interact with all different personality types.

Learning how to interact and respond to different personality types can be effective for HVAC managers, like Scott, as it relates to relationships with team members as well as with clients.  Scott said at the end of his experience at the training series that his growth in knowledge of interacting with personality types will help him better, “match employees as part of a team” so that team members will “mesh better and get along.”  Here at Service Excellence Training, we love to help independent contractors build their best team in order to grow sales, service, leads, retention, and service excellence.

Scott Odom also provided the Service Excellence Training team with some written statements about his experience at the training series.  These statements explain the big idea that Scott will take with him from this training series, what aspect he liked most about the training event, as well as answer the question “Why should I use Service Excellence Training to train my team?” for HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Sales, Service, CSR, and Dispatcher Training.

What big idea will you and your team take from this training series:

“Write it down, write it down!”

What did you like most about this training series:

“It was a complete field of study, the whole thing and it’s parts are brought together to make complete sense.”

The PRESS PLAY Training Series

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