2016 has been an amazing year. Amazing for 2 reasons: All the ups despite the downs.

If you have been with me on this journey, then you know some of the downs:

  1. Lost my mom.
  2. Dad had a heart attack. (lived thank goodness)
  3. And I had a major surgery to reattached my bicep.

These downs took my out of FULL commission for an amazing 111 working days of the year.

And yet, I accomplished more in 2016 than I have in the previous years before.

Here’s a short list of accomplishments:

  1. Spent 4 months with my mom before she passed.
  2. Achieved all my business online goals.
  3. Achieved business revenue and profit goals.
  4. Did not let my health fall apart despite the craziness in this year.
  5. Bought a new home in a really nice community.
  6. Doubled the size of my team at SET

There are lots of reasons why this growth has been possible. Having an amazing team and support system is at the top.

In addition, I have some of the BEST KNOWLEDGE TOOLS available.

In 2016, I used Micheal Hyatt’s BEST YEAR EVER training course. It helped me stay laser focused through all of my ups and downs.

That’s why I’m dong two things:

  1. Endorsing the program as an official Partner of Micheal Hyatt’s If you buy it, buy it through me.
  2. Asking you to purchase 5 Days to Your Best Year:  Click Here to BUY.

I believe in this program. It is rare that I use my influence to promote other companies or tools. I’m promoting BEST YEAR EVER because it will provide to you serious benefits.

The course closes this week 12/15/2016.  If you wait, you can’t buy it again until next year!

You can purchase your copy here: Micheal Hyatt’s BEST YEAR EVER training course.

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