This series for business managers teaches the skills needed to regain control of your business and this premier training series is designed for business owners and managers who want to be the best they can be while seeing positive real-world success. If you are wondering about the future of your business and need strategies for its success then this class is for you.

This class series is based on the years of training and coaching we have provided to our existing members and clients. This training program will reignite your passion for your business and will also reinvigorate your business practices, resulting in increasing your revenues and achieving success! Re-ignite your passion for your business.

Manager Series

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Class Date: September 10th – 11th, 2019

Location: Austin, Texas

The Manager Series September 10-11, 2019





Stop the Management Madness and Take Control of Your Service and Sales Departments

(New Program!! Limited Seating)Frustrated Manager

Are you a Sales or Service Manager that is struggling with getting top performance out of your team?

We hear of struggles every day from prospective clients telling us that they cannot find good talent, and when they do, it is difficult to get them to produce consistent results.

These prospective clients are shocked to learn... It's usually not because of their people!

The challenge exists with the Manager.

You may ask why?

Here are the Top 4 Reasons:

  1. The Manager hired the technicians and comfort advisors.  Often times, this hiring process was done without a clear vision of the team member's skills, attitude, or past experience.
  2. The Manager trained the team members - and the manager is not trained in HOW to train effectively.
  3. The Manager is responsible for the results of the team, but may not be tracking proper metrics, or using the most effective forms of motivation based on your team's value system.
  4. The Manager has difficulty taking action due to the paralysis caused by fear of being able to find the right people.

Because of this constant feedback, we hear when we interview new clients, we have developed the Manager Series for Service Managers and Sales Managers.

This training has been developed from the years of coaching and training we have been providing to our existing clients and members.

With this training, our members have achieved results like:

  • In Athens, Georgia, Mack Chambers was a service tech with an average HVAC replacement ticket under $7,000 and a closing percentage of under 30%.  Now, his average ticket is over $12,000 and his closing percentage is over 60%.  
  • Last year, Steve’s Plumbing produced over $2,600,000 in sales with 4 plumbers.  Richard Saxton has already produced $85,000 in the first month of the year.   All of the Steve’s Plumbing guys were highly trained on the actions that produced results, and are being held accountable by the Management Principles taught in this program.

Results like these have been achieved as a direct result of this training we are providing in The Manager Series.

If you are tired of the excuses and are ready to take control of your operation, register below!





The Purpose of a Manager

  • Managers will produce their greatest results when they know their purpose.
  • This lesson lays the foundation for Management Success.
    • Removing team member obstacles.
    • Controlling production quality.
    • Creating an attractive work environment.

Utilizing Your Advantages

Great Managers Understand the 3 P's - People, Process, Product

  • You will learn the differences between a Leader versus a Manager.
  • Discover how the 3 P's affect your performance in the marketplace, and how to use it to your advantage.
  • Designing Processes that produce results.

Avoiding the Traps of Management

Sinking in workHow to Stay out of the Quicksand

  • This lesson peals back the layers on the differences between "being busy" versus "being productive."
  • You will learn how to avoid the most common "time traps" of the service manager, and how to claim back your time.

Increasing Productivity with A.D.D.

The Power of Automation, Delegation, and Destruction

  • A.D.D. is usually reserved for the highly distracted.   You will learn how to use A.D.D. to gain crystal clear clarity.
  • Workshop Section:
    • You will list the areas in your daily work that can be done through the power of automation, and create a plan to automate.
    • You will find hours of extra time when you learn the power of delegation.
    • Destruction has never been so beneficial.  You will remove the unproductive areas in your day.

Intentional Leadership

The Rituals of Success - Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

  • Did you know that all successful people have an intentional daily, weekly, and monthly ritual that produces success?
  • You will learn how to build your daily rituals to produce the highest probability of success.
  • Workshop Section:
    • Creating the daily, weekly and monthly actions that produce success.
    • Developing a mindset that generates results.

Sales Profile


Building the Perfect Team


  • The first step to recruiting is to understand your company culture.  You will learn what type of team member will fit into your business and culture.
  • Attracting the perfect team member for your culture.
    • How to reach the people you are looking for.
  • The 5 Parts of a Weekly Recruiting Plan
  • Learn how to prescreen with the DISCover Profile during recruitinValues and Motivationg.


  • Learn the "How, When and Where" of the interview process.
  • Workshop Section:Using the DISCover Profile to PreScreen candidates.
    • Craft the perfect first introduction interview.
    • Learn how to have the candidate sell you, instead of you selling the candidate.
    • Hire with Direction, Intention, and Vision.


  • Training that motivates.DISC Profile
    • This section is fully unpacked in "How to Create and Deliver Powerful Training Sessions."
    • Training Sessions are most impactful when they address one or more of the direct motivation and value points of your team members.
    • With this section, you will learn how to use the Values Index to build precise training sessions for the biggest impact.

The Rules of Growth and Rewards

Accountability Through KRA's - Key Result Areas

  • Using Key Result Areas to create "natural accountability" in your team.
  • How to Track and Report Success.KRA - Key Result Area Form
  • Workshop Section:
    • The Proper way to Reward and Discipline for Performance.
    • Creating Customized Programs that Motivate.

How to Create and Deliver Powerful Training Sessions

Understanding the Purpose of a Training Session

  • Communication:  a powerful training session will increase communication between team members.
  • Skills: a training session will increase the skill set of your team members.
  • Projects:  a training session will bring you closer to completing a project.

Designing a Powerful Training Session

  • Workshop Section:
    • How to Start and End with purpose.
    • How to create sessions that produce results.
    • How to deliver sessions that excite.

Creating Vision

The Design of the Future.
  • "Anyone can steer the ship, but it takes a leader to chart the course." - John Maxwell
  • In the last session, you will create the vision for your service department, and leave with a plan that you can bring to reality.

How do I register for this program?

You can do that now by clicking the register button below:


What is the investment for the program?

New Students – $2,292 per new student.

Special Pricing – We offer Early Bird Discounts for the first 10 Students. Our Coaching Clients also receive special pricing. Call for details.

Returning Students – $573 per returning student. Students returning to the same class can attend at  75% off the retail total.   To register a returning student, simply email [email protected] with the following information:  1.  Name of student, 2.  Class they would like to attend.

Register by phone:  512-333-4133.  You can also call our office, and we will personally handle the registration process for you over the phone.

Money Back GauranteeThis Program is backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

"I have given the money back to 1 person out of the thousands that have been trained at Service Excellence Training.  Our teachings produce huge results, but we are not for everyone.  If at the end of this training, you do not believe the information shared with you will produce a profitable return, then we will give 100% of your Money Back." - Todd Liles, CEO of Service Excellence Training.


What if I can’t afford the program?

You may consider accessing our free blogs and short videos online. You can also have us deliver the material in a pay as you go method by utilizing our Live Online Training Services.

How do I know if this program is right for me or my company?

If you are a SERVICE  or SALES MANAGER who is responsible for the results of service technicians and sales professionals, then this is for you!

Will I have to purchase additional resources or materials outside of the registration fee?

No. Part of the value of this event is that we include the materials that you will need. In addition, we shall provide you with what we believe are the Essentials for the Manager's Library.  We also offer an HVAC Service Pricing System at no extra charge.  In addition, we shall provide you with the Job Descriptions, aka as Key Result Areas, for your service techs.  You will bring back not only the blueprint of success, but you will bring back a ready to implement accountability system for your service techs.

Where will this program be held?

The program is in Austin, TX.  If you are flying, you will fly into the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.  The class is held at Embassy Suites by Hilton Austin Arboretum.

1. Lodging is not provided.

2. Renting a car is recommended.

Hotel Information? - Embassy Suites by Hilton Austin Arboretum - NEW LOCATION

In the heart of the Texas Hill Country in beautiful Austin, Texas.

Ask for the $149 ServExTra Rate

Tel: (512) 372-8771

Address: 9505 Stonelake Blvd., Austin, TX 78759, United States

When will this program start and end?

Tuesday through Wednesday:  8:00 am start.  Ends on Wednesday by 4:00 pm.

*We strongly recommend planning on flying out on Thursday.  Treat Wednesday night as your chance to debrief, relax, and "cool down" before you head back home.

**Note, during that same week other programs will be taught.

What Programs will be available?

Start Date: September 10, 2019
End Date: September 11, 2019

The Manager Series

Thank you for your interest in the Manager Series. We do not have any courses scheduled at this time, please check back at a later date.

This premier training series is designed for business owners and managers who want to be the best they can be while seeing positive real world success. If you are wondering about the future of your business and need strategies for its success then this class is for you.

This class series is based on the years of training and coaching we have provided to our existing members and clients. This training program will reignite your passion for your business and will also reinvigorate your business practices, resulting in increasing your revenues and achieving success!

Please contact us to find out when the next Manager Series course will be available.