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CSR Series

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The CSR Series March 15th-16th, 2018

Only 7 Seats Remaining

Close More Calls - Increase Profits

Imagine John as a business owner. He loves his business and clients. He wants to be known as the premier client service company in his marketplace. Yet, he doesn't get the chance to send his techs to every opportunity. Why?

Because his CSRs aren't closing the calls.

One day, John decided to sit down and calculate the cost of those lost calls. He was wondering, how much money is lost in:

  • Wasted advertisement
  • Missed repairs
  • Lost big ticket replacements.

Have you ever wondered how much money you were losing?

When John added up the lost money, he nearly had a heart attack. He realized where all his profits were going.

His profits were being eaten up in missed opportunities.

How much more money would you make if your CSRs were Masters at Closing the Call!

Let's look at one fast example: John's company has 3 technicians and 1 CSR. The company's average ticket is $300.  With just one more closed call from the CSR, the potential additional revenue is $75,000 or more. That's minimum potential. Just from one additional call booked per day.

After Training, Your CSRs WILL be able to:

  • Empathize and relate to your clients
  • Provide your clients a transformative experience
  • Gain instant likability from the client
  • Ask questions that mean something to the client
  • Learn how to listen for accuracy, and sense the objection
  • Dispatch based on skill set, not just profits
  • Offer the best solution
  • Flat out close more calls!
  • Track their call booking rate with a simple tool
In 2 days, we will empower your CSR and Transform their results.
Give us 2 days, and we will give you a highly producing CSR.

You have been asking for this program.... YOU HAVE IT!



The Transformative Client Experience.

Discover what it takes to provide a transformative experience to your clients over the phone.

  • Identify the "avatar" of your client
  • Map the client experience
  • How to establish an amazing first impression

Banish Distractions to Improve the Client Experience

Eliminate road blocks that stop CSR’s from providing a transformative experience.

  • Uncover the myth of multitasking
  • Learn to destroy obstacles and challenges before and when they arise

Reclaim and recognize the phone as the priority 

  • Map team roles
  • Identify individual strengths
  • Identify team strengths

Personality Types DISC

Learn how to recognize personalities over the phone

  • Quickly identify the personality over the phone
  • Adapt your communication style to the clients' needs
  • Learn to be an overall better communicator

Build relationships with your clients

  • Build a 5 Star customer greeting
  • Learn how professionalism impacts the clients' opinion of you

Information Gathering

Getting the information to qualify a client

  • Active listening - what it means to truly hear your clients
  • Call qualification - discovering what your clients want and need

Settle client anxiety

Reducing fears and getting more “yeses”

Establish credibility for the company

Create an action plan for the client experience

Build enormous team member and company value


Schedule the service

Close more calls

  • Gain confidence asking for the sale
  • Know when you have earned the right to ask for the close
  • Learn the 5 key closing questions

Overcome objections

  • Discover the words that calm the angry client
  • Develop specific scripts that uniquely work for your company
  • Master overcoming objections in a group work environment

Positive language: removing “can’t” and “don’t” from your vocabulary

Dispatching for Skill Sets

The right technician to the right call

  • You will learn how to send the best technician to a call based on their skill set.
  • This will create a Happy Client and a Happy Tech.
  • In addition, your Profits will soar.
  • You will graph out your team's strengths and personality types

Data entry for success

Prove to the client you are the professional

  • Excellence in note taking skills
  • Logging opportunities today, for tomorrow
  • The critical nature of data entry correctness and completeness

Planting seeds for additional services

Using the phone as a touch point to information about additional services

  • How to offer additional services the clients actually need
  • Excite clients about add-on services before the tech gets to the door
  • Offer the solutions to the problems they have

Value Boosters

Identifying ways to stand out from your competition

  • Improve the client transformation roadmap
  • 2 little steps to increased customer satisfaction
  • Increase customer loyalty and reviews
  • Stand out from the crowd, and beat the competition

Season leveling

Out-bound calling for hibernating opportunities

  • You will know how to build a working outbound program
  • Gain confidence in outbound calls
  • Discover how to nurture opportunities to outbound

Sales call booking

Handling the sales call for success

  • Scripts for booking a sales call
  • Setting the sales team up for success
  • Showing value in the process

How do I register for this program?

You can do that now by clicking the register button below:


Register by phone:  512-333-4133.  You can also call our office and we will personally handle the registration process for you over the phone.


What is the investment for the program?

New Students – $1,827 per new student.


Money Back Gaurantee

This Program is backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

"I have given the money back to 2 people out of the thousands that have been trained at Service Excellence Training.  Our teachings produce huge results, but we are not for everyone.  If at the end of this training, you do not believe the information shared with you will produce a profitable return, then we will give 100% of your Money Back." - Todd Liles, CEO of Service Excellence Training.



What if I can’t afford the program?

You may consider accessing our free blogs and short videos online.

How do I know if this program is right for me or my company?

If you are a CSR (or manager a CSR) this is for you!

Will I have to purchase additional resources or materials outside of the registration fee?

No. Part of the value of this event is that we include the materials that you will need.

Where will this program be held?

The program is in Austin, TX.  If you are flying, you will fly into the Austin International Airport.  The class is held at our training facility at the LifeAustin Campus.  1. Lodging is not provided.  2. Renting a car is recommended.  We will aid in transportation from the local hotel to the training facility for those that do not rent a car.

Hotel Information? - Sonesta Bee Cave Austin - NEW LOCATION

In the heart of the Texas Hill Country in beautiful Bee Caves, Texas.  The hotel is built in the center of a large shopping center with walking access to Movies, Entertainment, and Restaurants.

Service Excellence Training - corporate rate $139 

Tel: 512.483.5900 

Address:  12525 Bee Cave Parkway Bee Cave, TX78738, United States

When will this program start and end?

Thursday and Friday 8:00 am start.  Ends on Friday by 4pm.

Will other Programs be available?

Price: Class Attendee $1,827.00

Date: March 15, 2018

The CSR Series

Thank you for your interest in the CSR Series. We do not have any courses scheduled at this time, please check back at a later date.

During this Premier Training Program for Customer Service Representatives, you’ll learn how to interact with the customer to successfully sell your product or service and increase profits for your business.

Services Excellence Training has teamed with Power Selling Pros to offer this class which uses a results-driven and ethical training plan. This plan will boost your CSR team’s client satisfaction ratings and closing percentages, which means success for your business!

Service Excellence Training is committed to providing a dramatic increase in:

  • Retention
  • Sales
  • Leads

Please contact us to find out when the next CSR Series course will be available.

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