One of my biggest pet peeves is a waitress with no pen or pad to take my order. It’s one thing when it’s just me at the table, but when my family is with me, I just know this isn’t going to turn out well. I feel just about the same way when it comes to a technician that doesn’t “take my order” during the Evaluation Stage of the call. This episode of The Service Contractor Radio Show is about Service Pet Peeves.

Brandon Cockrell, Chris Elmore, and Chris Loudermilk discuss the small things that are driving your clients crazy. As coaches in the service industry, we have seen these service fails not only on ride-alongs, but also in our own homes. It’s time to bring these annoying pet peeves to an end. Listen in as we discuss:

6 Pet Peeves Costing You Revenue:

1: The “Carpet Destroyer”

2: The “Usain Bolt” of Technicians

3: Mr. Anonymous Service Technician

4: “Where did I leave my tool bag?” The Unprepared Technician

5: Jonny “Sell it All” Technician

6: Mr. “I couldn’t Afford It, So You Can’t.” IE: Selling with Your Own Wallet

We aren’t just going to pick on the Techs in this episode. How about some of these to go along with the other pet peeves.

4 Company Pet Peeves Demotivating Your Team

1: Score Boards Not Up to Date

2: The War Between CSRs and Techs

3: Ignoring Protocol

4: The “That’s Not My Job” Syndrome

Chances are good we left off one of your pet peeves. We want to hear about them!

Question: What’s your biggest Service Pet Peeve?

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