#21 Interview with I.A.Q. expert Steve Mores

Want to hear what expert Steve Mores has to say about I.A.Q.?

In this episode of the Service Contractor Radio Show, Steve answers great listener submitted questions about I.A.Q.

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Testimony by Steve Mores

“I really judge training sessions not by what I think of them, I’m pretty critical about them because I am a trainer myself, but more of the reaction of the people in it. So I walk around the hallways during breaks and there was excellent feedback from technicians and owners saying this was the best thing that they have ever been to. There is a lot of substance to it. You get the steak and the sizzle at the same time, so I think you guys do an awesome job at it.”

Introduction to Steve:

1. Started I.A.Q. in 1989, was on one of the 1st design teams for UV lights for residential application.

2. Was a police officer for 8 years in the suburbs of Chicago.

3. He is a professional drummer for the last 35 years.


Todd:  “What is the most common symptom of poor I.A.Q. in a home?”

Steve:  “It’s actually 2 fold. #1 is people’s health. EPA did a study and indoor air is 2-5 times worse than outside air. Causes allergies, asthma, headaches or dizziness. #2 is our equipment. Another EPA study shows that just 1/20 of an inch of dirt and dust buildup on a coil reduces the coil output by 21%. It also brings SEER rating down and reduces the efficiency of the equipment.”

Todd:  “What is the easiest way to recognize the common symptoms?”

Steve:   “You have to realize that diagnosing the system when something is wrong and you fix it is no different than I.A.Q.. If you see dirt, dust, debris or growth inside the system the filter is broken, fix the filter by upgrading to a better filtration device, an air cleaner, UV energy. You must make that visible inspection and bring it up to the homeowner.”

Todd:  “How does a tech bring it up without sounding like a self centered salesmen?”

Steve:  “That’s the #1 challenge to bring it up on the call. We offer training to teach the technology so that the technician understands the product. Once they understand, it builds confidence. Then they have to know how to transfer that information and confidence to the homeowner. Also, timing is everything, present it by setting the stage with the homeowner. Transition to questions once you have looked at system. Ask if anyone suffers from allergies or asthma. Show the client what you have found.”

Listener Submitted Questions

Corey Hickmann, Comfort Matters Heating and Cooling, Inc.,:  “What is a good way for techs to bring up and offer UV during maintenance calls?”

Steve:  “It is no different than air filtration, but you need to educate the client that there is 3 phases of contamination. Ask them which one would they like you to take out and which one do that want to stay in the home.”


Randy Kelley, Ontime Experts: “I get so many reps from parts houses and manufacturers telling me their UV products are the best. How do I pick one that I will believe in?”

Steve:  “Look for the power of the light, it has to have enough to get the job done. Look to see if it is a UVC wavelength or UVV wavelength. Make sure the manufacturer has the knowledge about the product and see if they offer training.”

Randy: “When installing UV lights where is the best/proper place to install them?”

Steve: “Depends on what you are trying to accomplish. If you place the UV above the coil, it will kill what is on the coil. If you place below the coil, it will kill what is airborne and going through the coil. If you have the right output lamp and put on the return side, it will kill before it gets to coil.”


Eddie Lammers, Lammers’ Electric: “Do you usually need to increase the size of the 24v transformer when adding a UV light to handle the increase load?”

Steve: “Yes, you have to have the right size and that’s usually a 50V. Some even come with their own transformers.”

Eddie: “Should a UV light be “ON” constantly?”

Steve: “No. It should cycle with the fan.”

Eddie: “Should a UV unit that emits “hydro-peroxides” also only come “ON” when the blower fan is running? Will turning “OFF” and “ON” damage the unit/ballast in any way?”

Steve: “If its an ozone generating light, it should be relayed with the fan always. If it is a slow start ballast it will not damage by turning on & off.”


Keith Wortsmith, Dash Services: “What type of air cleaning systems should you use to eliminate odors from a home? What type of products are not effective towards this but are commonly misrepresented as a solution to odors by HVAC companies?

Steve: “Odor control is the 3rd phase of contamination. You can use outside air, depending on where you are. You can use carbons, but you have to have enough carbon. Also use low levels of ozone in the duct. Be careful with the technologies out there and ask the right questions.”

Keith: “My techs really believe in and understand I.A.Q. product technically, yet they are challenged with bringing I.A.Q. up to our customers. When during the call is the best time to present I.A.Q. and how should they go about doing this?”

Steve:  “Training is key. Techs have to get the technical training first on the product. Transfer what you believe to the homeowner, which is communications training. Best times to present is during the call, during the transitions stages. Understanding how to work the call is key to your I.A.Q. success.”


Click Here for the UV Fact Sheet Ultraviolet Energy Light Specifications for Comparisons

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