With the Holiday Season upon us, we are facing the dreaded Holiday Objection. This objection comes in many forms, but it comes down to two basic objections: “I don’t have enough time” or “I don’t have enough money.” No matter how the holiday objection is phrased, everyone hates it.
Brandon Cockrell and Chris Loudermilk discuss ways you can give the holiday objection a one-two punch and knock it out.
So before you go on another call, and risk facing this objection unprepared, listen to this podcast. These tips will help you glide through the “Barbie Dream House for Sally” objection like a walk in the park.
Chris and Brandon also discuss a recent service experience at Brandon’s house. In this experience, they describe how the fear of the holiday objection is holding you back from offering additional services to your clients. They show that this is actually a disservice to your clients.

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