In this week’s podcast, Chris Elmore and Brandon Cockrell discuss some ways you might be leaving value on the table.

These ways include:

  1. Using Minimizing Language – Do you minimize the value of your solutions or products by using minimizing language to deliver the bad news?
  2. Assuming Value – Do you assume your customer assigns the same value to your solution as you do? Are you explaining using good analogies and easy to understand examples?
  3. Not Focusing on One Call at a Time – Are you thinking about this call or the next call?
  4. Not Practicing Like a PRO – Do you practice your tradecraft? Do you practice your communication skills?
  5. Creating Contrast – Are you doing the same thing as competitors but charging more? Are you creating a good, positive contrast? Are you proving that you’re worth more?

Once you’ve listened to the podcast, do some honest self-assessment. If you’re doing any of the things listed above, make sure to implement the tips from this podcast to keep from leaving value on the table.

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