Have you ever struggled with forecasting? You are not alone. Many business owners we talk to feel that forecasting is challenging.

Chris Elmore and Kerry Webb are here to tell you that you are not alone. Kerry talks about several contractors he works with that felt forecasting could not help them achieve their goals.

The great news is that forecasting can be made simple. These business owners found that they could not only achieve amazing results for their business, but they could also share the success with their team members.

In this episode of the Service Contractor Radio Show, Chris Elmore and Dr. Kerry Webb give you easy to use tips on how to make forecasting work for your business.

3 Ways to Peer Into the Future

1- Hear Success Stories

Kerry Webb gives you the real numbers his clients are achieving through implementing forecasting. These real-world numbers are achievable if you:

  • Know your numbers
  • Track your results
  • Get your team on board

2- Get your Team to Play by your Rules

Chris Elmore and Kerry Webb also provide creative ways to alter technician performance incentives to increase productivity. These ideas can help gain “buy-in” from your team to help you reach the business goals you set.

3- Get your Free Planning Tool

To receive a free 1-page forecasting tool all you need to do is reach out to Kerry or Chris.

E-Mail Kerry Webb at [email protected]

Or Chris Elmore at [email protected]

Want a Planning Workbook you can use for years to come?

Check out the Owner’s Series in San Antonio, TX. This 2-day class will help you:

  • Learn a budgeting and forecasting process you can use every year to take control of your future.
  • Establish the KPIs – average ticket, closing rates, and booking rates – you need to hit on every call for YOUR business.
  • Get an easy to use budgeting and forecasting tool you can use for years to come.


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