Are you an expert? In today’s podcast, Chris & Chris talk about what it takes to be considered an expert. Most of you are Expert Technicians, but being an Expert Technician isn’t enough. You also have to be a consultant. Your customer wants you to be both. They want you to be an Expert in your trade.


Here are four things that Expert Consultants do for their customers:

1.    An Expert asks qualifying questions to ensure that they are talking to someone who can say “yes.”

2.     The Expert asks evaluation questions, so the solutions offered are customized to the customer.

3.     An Expert creates a planned presentation that is customized to the profile and needs of the customer. An Expert doesn’t use a canned presentation that sounds memorized.

4.    The Expert handles objections and knows that an objection is not necessarily a “no,” but an opportunity to learn more or teach more. An Expert Consultant doesn’t ignore objections, push too hard, or give up and accept an unclear future such as “I will let you know”.

Anyone can become an expert, but it takes training, study, and practice to be an Expert Consultant. Which one are you?

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