Today’s Show is about how to use baby steps to hit your goals.  Goals can motivate, or crush your people.  

In this episode, you will learn how to use “baby step” to make significant and lasting gains towards your goals.

4 Principles of the Baby Step Method

1.  Understanding the Progression Curve

Scientist often refer to a “bell curve when discussing their observations.  The “bell curve” essentially measures an outcome across a broad domain.  As with all curves, there is a big middle, and fewer on the front of the curve, and at the end of the curve.  Thus, the “bell.”

The Bell Curve of Performance

Your people are not different.  They will fall in a natural curve.  Some will “hit the ground running.”  While some will struggle.

For those that are not natural superstar, a baby step approach to goals will help them get into the higher producing side of the bell curve.

2.  Using KRA’s

KRA stands for “Key Result Areas.”  It is a way of defining what “winning” looks like at your company.

It works because it establish the expectation for performance.

It also incorporates reward as well as consequence:  These two concepts combined with Leadership produce Accountability.

Who should be using KRA’s?

Hourly Paid, Commission Paid, salary Team members, Everyone.

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3.  Using Personalized Training Plans

Personalized plans focus on the individual need.  While there is value in group training, at a certain level, you need to also have a personalized plan.

As the goal becomes harder to achieve, the more important it is to slowly but steadily progress towards your goals.

Think about the following, world records are broken using 1 pound plates!

Olympic Weight Lifter Dmitry Klokov

In your service company, you need to create options that allow for minor ticket increases.

4.  Growing Your Own Team

If you are going to grow your own team, you must have baby steps towards success.

Technical development depends greatly on baby-steps.

The culture also determines the success of a team.



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Closing Thought:

In order to grow into a great oak tree, the tiny acorn must first be planted, and then nourished over time.

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