Close More Calls for CSRs

This 4 Part FREE Training Series will help your CSRs Close More Calls and Book More Opportunities. This program is designed to develop your call takers into Customer Service Professionals. This principle-based program, will help increase call closing percentage, increase client satisfaction, and grow your business. Get INSTANT ACCESS by completing the form below.


What is the PRESS PLAY for CSRs Training Series?

PRESS PLAY for CSRs is a principle-based training program. The lessons are designed to increase call closing percentage, increase client satisfaction, and boost revenue. The training program can be used in conjunction with your current process and procedures. It is designed to help your CSR develop the skills needed to become Customer Service professionals.

This FREE 4 Part Training Series is a portion of what is taught in our 2-day class training.

Who is Service Excellence Training?

SET is a Principle-Based Training company that serves the Residential Trades. We specialize in increasing Results through ethical and proven principles. As a team, we are one of the largest independent consulting groups for the industry.


The PRESS PLAY for CSR program is designed for call takers, dispatchers, and anyone who manages these positions. The principles will help dispatchers be more efficient, CSRs close more calls, and managers to implement accountability programs to measure success.


We offer three training options to fit your companies needs.

  • Ongoing coaching and consulting. This includes group training as well as one-on-one training and call-grading.
  • Classroom Training. 2 day class in Austin, this is a great way to not only learn PRESS PLAY. Our students also enjoy hearing from other CSRs who are facing the same challenges.
  • Onsite. We can teach the two-day program at your location. This is a great option if you cannot travel to Austin.

When you talk to Brandy, she will help you decide what training option is right for your needs.


Brandy Rogers has helped many CSRs increase call closing rates, and increase professionalism. Brandy was an HVAC mechanic in the Marine corps. She later was a CSR for Gary’s Heating and Air in Amarillo, TX. She was also their dispatcher and marketing director. She understands the challenges you are facing and has the skill and tenacity to help you overcome any obstacle.


When you do, Brandy Rogers will contact you to discuss your CSRs. You will also receive the 4 Free Training Videos. After you speak with Brandy, she will send you the exact scripts we use to close more calls.