20 Years ago, homeowners did not have access to parts and prices in the palm of their hand. However, now that is not the case. Homeowners can look up parts and prices while you are in the home or even after you leave.

This leads to what we call the Amazon Objection. In today’s Podcast Chris Elmore and Chris Loudermilk discuss the ways you can overcome and prevent this objection.

4 Steps to Overcome or Prevent the Amazon Objection

1) The Home Owner Must TRUST you:

This is different from having a homeowner like you. Trust can only be earned. It is important to show the client that you are there to serve them. If they feel like they are being sold they will not do business with you.

2) You Must Build Value:

Use your process, not sales tricks. Every step of the service process is important. From where you park your truck, to wearing floor savers. Each step helps to prove the value to your client. If you talk about price before building value, you will face more objections.

3) Use the LEAP Method for Overcoming Objections

  1. Listen: Listen to understand not to respond
  2. Empathize: I feel sorry with you not sorry or you. Tell them not only that you understand but Why you understand.
  3. Ask Questions: Isolate the objection. Identify Condition (real truth) or Smoke Screen (white lie)
  4. Problem Solve: Offer a solution to the objection.

4)Be Observant to Environmental Clues Prior to asking for the Close

There are clues to what objection you might face in the client’s home. Pay attention and handle the objection before you talk about price.

These 4 steps will help you prevent the sales objections in your presentation. Remember, if you are receiving the same objection over and over. There is something missing in your process. You can fix this by identifying where you are skipping steps.

If you would like to learn more about how to improve your process, increase your close percentage and increase client satisfaction.

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