This podcast is all about the things that drive technicians crazy. Chris Elmore, Chris Loudermilk, and James Walker discuss ways to handle each of these challenging homeowner behaviors.

1. The homeowner researching while you are working.

To handle this, be honest, upfront, and prepared to answer questions. Make sure that you do not skip value builders. Make sure you explain to the homeowner the why behind the what. Also help them understand the work that goes into replacing a part, not just the cost of the part.

2. Client diagnosing their own issue before you get there.

To prevent this issue, explain to the homeowner that a full diagnostic will make sure that the problem they are experiencing is not just a symptom of a different problem. Use the three P’s: Problem, Possible Causes, and Prevention.

3. The client does not give you time to do the whole job.

To avoid a client rushing you, be transparent upfront with how much time you anticipate the diagnosis taking. Explain the process to the client and why it is important to address the whole issue to save them both time and money.

4. Clients touching the technician’s tools and equipment.

It can be frustrating when a homeowner starts grabbing tools out of your tool bag. One way to avoid this issue is to leave your important tools in the truck unless you need them.

5. A competitor is there when you arrive or shows up while you are working.

To diffuse this awkward issue, explain to the homeowner that you want to make sure that you are respecting the other professional. Reschedule an exact time to come back after the other company has finished. If you are working when the other company shows up, politely ask the other tech to come back once you are finished.

Although these client behaviors can be challenging, they can also give you an opportunity to prove your value to the client.

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