Summer is an awesome time for the residential contractor. Everything about it creates momentum. The sun is out early. The heat energizes your body, and puts your clients in a good mood. In addition, the heat creates massive opportunities by stressing systems. Summer is like the land of Milk and Honey for the residential contractor.

But Summer doesn’t last. And when Summer leaves, the Seasonal Slump can start to infect your team.

What is The Seasonal Slump?

After any major accomplishment, there is the risk of depression. If you have every played sports, then you have experienced this feeling the day after a big win. Psychologists refer to this post win slump as “post-achievement depression.”

Michael Jordon experienced this in 1993. He just came off his 3rd NBA title, and an Olympic Gold Medal. Despite these big wins, he was feeling depressed.

“I just needed to change,” said Michael Jordan. He was just a few weeks away from the new season, but he was having trouble getting motivated. “I was getting tired of the same old activity and routine and I didn’t feel all the same appreciation that I had felt before and it was tiresome.”

Michael sounds like a lot of technicians, CSRs and Sales Professionals at this time of year.

In fact, read this submission from one of our clients:

I’m dealing with the tech blues.  After a great summer, guys are negative and attitudes are in the dumps. Any ideas, suggestions, or thoughts?
Concerned Business Owner

The Cure for the Seasonal Slump

The good news is, there is a cure for the Seasonal Slump. And it’s available to you.

Now, you need to know that I never sugarcoat my answers. So, the cure for the Seasonal Slump may not be appealing. Yet, it is effective.

Step 1: Accept that Easy Sales Are Over

Let’s be honest here, Summer makes selling easier. The heat does a lot of your work for you. That’s good, but it’s also bad. Summer can take the edge off of our service approach.

It’s time to get serious about your craft. With the seasonal change, you are going to have to double down on your Service and Communication Training.
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Step 2: Create New Goals and Find New Opportunities

Goals are king when it comes to motivation. Sit down and create new goals for the season. Reevaluate the opportunities that will become available with the new season. List those goals and opportunities out, and post them publicly. Goals have great motivation power.

Step 3: Recharge Your Batteries

There is no shame in restocking your energy reserves. You have a finite amount of energy, and need to take the steps to recharge. This may mean a vacation, or a trip to your favorite Training Program.

Each fall, we experience a huge surge in “returning students.” Returning students are students that are making their second trip (or more) to the program.

“I’ve been to the program 9 times. Every time I come, I get re-energized and focused. It’s totally worth the time away from the shop. This pumps me up. This gets me going. I love it! And, my techs love it!!” – Daniel Johnson, Dial Johnson Plumbing and Air.

These 3 steps will shake off the season slump and get your team back to producing big!

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