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Pearl of Wisdom

“The one who scores the basket has ten hands.” John Wooden

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Gene Slade Jr

Read “For What It’s Worth” by Brandon Jacob.

“Service Excellence Training and the resources that they offer are just outstanding. They have resources that you don’t even have pay for, they are willing to give them to you. Paying it forward.” -Gene Slade, Jr of Air Genie.

Watch the Book Review at ServExTra: For What it’s Worth Book Review

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  1. How to Sell to Defensive Clients
  2. How to Build Profitable Relationships
  3. Sell More Through Great Questions


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Today’s Points of Training:

4 Reasons we ask questions of the homeowner:

  1. Builds credibility and authority.
  2. Controls the conversation.
  3. Qualifies the homeowners.
  4. Discovers the wants and needs.

4 Things we Qualify when we ask questions:

  1. Point of view, aka DISC
  2. Interest level: “Do they care?” aka “Hot Buttons”
  3. Ability to make a decision: DISC, power, and money.
  4. Potential objections.

2 Styles of questions are:

  1. Open-ended. This question requests a longer answer.
  2. Closed-ended. This question requests a shorter answer.

2 Areas of questions are:

  1. Technical Based Questions: What can the client tell us?
  2. Emotional Based Questions: How does the client feel?

3 Times you ask questions:

  1. The Client Interview: When you need to know more about what the client is thinking. This occurs before your diagnostic, and throughout the call.
  2. The Client Review: When you are showing the client your findings.
  3. The Close: When you need an answer.

The Radio Show Notes are taken from  “The P.R.E.S.S. P.L.A.Y. Training Series Program”

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