What do you do when your client’s body language is screaming “NO!”?

Find out how to overcome the “Defensive Client”.


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Selling to a Defensive Client Free Training

There are 3 main times in the service call when a homeowner will show a defensive posture towards the service technician.

  • During the Relationship Building phase.
  • The Evaluation through Questions phase.
  • During the Presentation phase.
    • The Agenda
    • The Overview of Findings
    • The Close

1. Defensive Posturing during the Relationship phase:

  • Why: This client is prone to buying. They are presenting a false wall.
  • Solution: Focus on the Relationship. Get to know the person.

2. Defensive Posturing During the Evaluation phase:

  • Why: This client fears giving you power that you will use against him.
  • Solution: Give a good reason to ask questions. Ask fewer questions. Ask the important questions. Ask more questions later in the call.

3. Defensive Posturing During the Presentation phase:

  • The Agenda
    • Why: Sounds like a sales pitch.
    • Solution: Make it “your” thoughts and actions.
  • The Overview of Finding
    • Why: You are confusing the client.
    • Solution: Keep it simple and focus on results.
  • The Close
    • Why: You are thinking and communicating about yourself.
    • Solution: Make it about the client. Your guarantees and warranties, pricing structure, products, everything is about the benefit of the client.

Listener Submitted Questions

1. David Adams: Home Energy Group said their biggest obstacle was clients needing to get 3 bids. How would you handle that call?

  • Find out what they are truly saying.
  • They need to see they are getting the best value.
  • Sometimes they need to know the outcome and that the “risk” is not there.
  • Learn how to explain things that will take the “risk” away.

2. Rory Ward: Rortech Electrical said that he wants to know how you would up sell on an electrical service call?

  • Do a thorough evaluation to discover things that could potentially be damaging to their home and give them options.
  • Organize that into 4 selections with the different options.
  • Make sure client knows what your company offers.

3. David Munie: What is the better way, to do a live presentation or to mail the client a bid and why?

  • Live presentation is always the best way.
  • Easier to truly find out what the client needs.

4. Jason Sunkel; What do you do when another company comes while you are there?

  • Call client when on the way, they may reschedule or have you wait.
  • Join them!
  • Check out your lead source to make sure that they are not sending to other companies as well.

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