Is it about Perception?

It’s easy to assume we know what the customer expects from service professionals, right? We’re late, dressed in t-shirts with holes in our pants – we don’t wear belts and the evidence shows every time we bend down. Or is that the case?

Being Different, but in a worse way

Over the past 10 years, almost every customer you will come across has had an experience with a service professional who was using some sort of iPad for diagnosis, putting on floor savers, showing up in a wrapped truck and notifying them of their arrival via text. If we don’t at least do those things, now we are different in a WORSE way.

We still have to fix problems and manage Perceptions

Beyond that, we often feel that the customer values us because of our expertise in fixing their issue, but they wouldn’t have called us if they didn’t think we could fix the problem. Every service company who shows up at the door is already assumed to be able to take care of what’s wrong today. The customer’s perception of our value lies in everything else we communicate both spoken and unspoken. If we ever want to exceed their expectation, we have to start by managing their perception.

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