We’ve been taking vacations here at Service Excellence Training. In the last 3 weeks, Chris Elmore went to Ireland, Toby went to North Carolina, and Kerry and I went to Disney. Not together. We each took our own families, but we did go at the same time.

All these vacations got me thinking, “maybe we should do a vacation podcast.” So, we did just that, and it was so much fun recording this podcast.

In this show, we are going to laugh, tell stories, and generally have a very good time hanging out. If fun isn’t your thing, then maybe you should skip this episode.

We also unpack the following topics:

  • Why employees quit when you take a vacation
  • How to dispatch like Disney
  • Creating “WOW!” experiences
  • Why you should let your techs take a vacation in the summer months
  • The culture of SET, and why it should be modeled
  • How to truly disconnect when you are off

I hope you enjoy the show and Rate and Share it in on your favorite Podcast App.

Also, here are a few shots from our vacations. Enjoy.

Todd at Disney

Toby in South Carolina

Chris Elmore in Ireland

Kerry Disney Vacation


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