This week, Chris and Chris talk about the first 15 minutes with the customer. This is the most important time with your customer and can make or break the success of the call. Far too many people minimize the importance of the first 15 minutes. Some get in a rush and skip steps in their process. This leads to uncontrollable outcomes that can mean lower closing rates and lower ticket averages.

Here’s what you need to do to make the first 15 minutes the best part of the call.


  • Be prepared. Look, smell, and act the part. Customers will judge you and maybe even decide whether they’ll buy from you based on how you look.


  • A Great Introduction. Show respect for the customer’s property, make the customer comfortable, and start to identify their personality profile.


  • FORM Connections. Discuss  Family, Occupation, Recreation, Material Possessions. Make a sincere attempt to break the ice by discussing something you have in common.


  • Ask great questions. Show you know what you’re doing. Identify the customer’s DISC profile and adapt.


  • Establish your credibility. If you don’t let the customer know how long you’ve been in the trades and the training or certifications you have, how will they know? You’ll have to rely on them to ask. This may or may not happen. To ensure it does, share your credibility with the customer. Settle their anxieties by expanding on what you’ll be doing and how long it will take.

Whether you are new to the trades or a veteran, the first 15 minutes is the most important time during the call. This is the time to establish the process and set the expectations. You can establish your credibility and at the same time break the ice. Make it a point to do these things every time so you can maximize your results.

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