The PACT 12 met recently to discuss how they have banded together as a PACT to handle current industry challenges. You can watch the whole video here or jump ahead to the time markers to see the discussion on the following topics.

In this video, Kerry Webb leads a discussion with his current 2018 PACT 12 group to ask the following 7 Key Questions:

  1. What are the most critical changes that we must make in our companies to face the future effectively? (Time 03:30)
  2. What effect has PACT12 made in your business? (Time 11:15)
  3. What has helped you the most this year? (Time 13:35)
  4. What is something you have learned and benefited from that you wish everyone was doing, and why? (Time 18:50)
  5. What advice would you have for others who want to boost their growth in a similar manner? (Time 20:00)
  6. What are common misconceptions people may have about an owner’s group? (Time 28:00)

BONUS – Questions from the Audience:

    • What is your most urgent daily task as an owner? (Time 32:00)
    • How does the group communicate? (Time 34:00)
    • What is the PACT 12 investment? (Time 37:21)
    • What is the average ticket difference of a Demand Call versus a Club Member call? (Time 41:00)
  1. Is there anything we’re leaving out here that needs to be addressed? (Time 44:00)

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