Did You Ever Wonder Why Some Companies Rule The Market?

Before I explain HOW we do this, please let me explain that it did not happen by gimmicks and slick mumbo jumbo. It was a lot of hard work, sacrifice and determination. But during that process we discovered the way (If you are an honest company that is determined to provide the absolute best customer service) to grow a tremendous business that produces a respectable profit and provides well for our family and team members.  And, this approach is proven to work equally well with:

  • Plumbing Service Companies
  • Electrical Service Companies
  • Heating and Air Conditioning Service Companies

If you have become frustrated in trying to reach your business goals then I hope you will keep reading…

My name is Terry Barrett,Terry Barrett Trainer at Service Excellence Training

You may know me as the successful General Manager of AirNow in Millbrook, AL.

I am often told, “You must have some special magic that makes Air Now work.”

The truth is, I’m just an AC Tech from Alabama.

I started at AirNow in 1997 and eventually became as an AC Tech.  I still remember the day I started with my good friend Jamie.  (Jaime happens to be the owner.)

Starting the Business was a Struggle

It was a struggle to get calls, and very expensive. To begin with, we were in brand new market.  (Jaime is from Mississippi, but don’t hold that against him.)  We had little money for marketing.   But we rolled up our sleeves and went to work.

Stuck in the Middle

After about 10 years of really, really hard work; AirNow made it’s way to the middle of the competitive pack.  We were known in our community, but not the dominant player.  We were “stuck in the middle.”  We were doing just “ok.” I found myself wondering:

“Why is this so hard?

Where are all the good clients?

Where are all the good employees?”

Then I had a Breakthrough

This Breakthrough led to higher average tickets, and all of my costs begin to go down. I discovered the secret to making the most out of my calls, and employees. I found that the average technician can produce really good results.

What was the breakthrough?

You can turn average technicians into good technicians with:

  • Enhancing the people you have, instead of trying to find “Mr. Perfect.”
  • Implementing an Operation System that works.
  • Properly Training my team members.

Once I implemented these principles into the business, we became a “good company.”

From Good to Great

So, AirNow began to prosper with some very impressive results

  • Multiple millions in revenue
  • Higher average tickets
  • Increased profits
  • Over +2,000 service agreements

I thought things couldn’t get much better. . . I was wrong!

In 2011 we budgeted for $2.8 million in revenue . . . We hit $3.5

And in 2012 we finished over $4 million in revenue!!!

Our techs set leads for $2.3 Million of the $3.1 Million in the replacement sales in 2012.


Our conservative projections have us producing $4.5 million in 2013.

(Not bad for being in a “Poor, Small Town”)

So, how did we do it?

The Secret Weapon

In 2011 we started working with Service Excellence Training.

When we combined their strategies, with the processes we had already implemented, we unlocked a magic formula. The combination ignited our business like a rocket that is still climbing. We left our competition wondering, “What had happened?”

Because of our success, I partnered with Service Excellence in 2012 to begin sharing the “Secret Weapon” with a few of our close contracting friends.

From our combined efforts, and observations of the best practices in the field, we created the PRESS PLAY Training System. Once developed, we have only shared this system with a handful of our closest, and trusted contractor associates. And the results have been INCREDIBLE!

So Why Am I Telling You This?

I am sharing this with you, because I know that you are not satisfied with the “Average” contractor existence.

You want to grow an organization that fulfills the dreams of your family and the families of all the employees that work so hard for you.

You also demonstrate the values in your community and with your clients that a real contractor should. Doing the right thing no matter what.

When you combine those qualities with the process we will train you and your people, the results will be staggering.

I am no Smarter Than You

I am an AC Tech, and I’m proud to say that I will die an AC Tech. I’m also proud to say that even after absolute market dominance; I get up, and go to work on my business everyday.  (Even if it is only for a couple of hours a day.)

To have any level of success in contracting, you have to be a hard worker.

To become wealthy it takes more than hard work.

But to own your market, and to have time to enjoy the fruits of your labor . . .

You have to have successful strategies that allow you to leverage time and automate your business.

I have been very fortunate to have the help of others in developing my business. Now that I have achieved one of my dreams, I feel it is only right to help others do the same.

Your Exclusive Opportunity

I have decided to “Pull Back the Curtain” on some of my most secret, successful strategies and share them with a select group of contractors and their teams.

I’m opening the doors to a very limited number of service contractors to join us for a special 6-Day PRESS PLAY Training System Event at our Location in Millbrook, AL.

Since we have limited room. This will be a first come, first serve engagement.

Day 1 – 3:  The PRESS PLAY for Techs

In the PRESS PLAY Training Event you will learn the amazing (but true) way we have dominated our market through our technicians.  You will discover . . .

  • How this method of “easy success” was discovered, and how field testing has proven it to be effective.
  • The “miracle transformation” that took our company from 2 Million to 5 Million growth rate. . . exploded our Service Agreements to +60% conversion . . . launched our tech generated leads to over 80% conversion!
  • The Principles behind the PRESS PLAY  for Techs System, and how you can implement them in your company as soon as you return home.

Day 4 – 6:  The PRESS PLAY for Sales

In the PRESS PLAY Training Event you will learn the amazing (but true) way we have dominated our market through our technicians.  You will discover . . .

  • How “Sales” can be about Service.  The easy way to”PRESS PLAY” to big sales.
  • The Principles behind the PRESS PLAY  for Sales System, and how you can implement them in your company as soon as you return home.
  • How you can produce millions in revenue in a population less than 15,000 with a household income of less than $44,000!

Location: AirNow Headquarters, 3481 Main Street, Millbrook, AL, 36054


  • Tech Class –   September 23-25th, 2013
  • Sales Class –  September 26th-28th 2013


Darryl Otto – Technician and Guest Speaker


Darryl Otto is a SuperStar Technician.  He represents exactly what every business owner wants in a service tech.  First of all, he is a solid tech.  He possesses the technical skills that earn the respect of his peers.  Darryl also utilizes the sales and communication skills taught during the PRESS PLAY Training System for Techs.  He will be a guest speaker in the classroom on day 2.  Your techs will discover exactly what it takes to produce big from a real producer.

Todd Liles — Director of Service Excellence Training


Todd Liles is the Founder of Service Excellence Training.  Todd is an expert at getting the most production out of technicians.  He has been compared to the Jonah Hill’s character Paul DePodesta in the movie “Money Ball.”  He has also been compared to a pastor, a teacher, and a principle.  Todd created SET because of his passion made him do it.  Todd will be a guest speaker in the PRESS PLAY for Techs.  He will then lead the PRESS PLAY for Sales at the end of the week.

Matt Stewart — Co-Trainer for the PRESS PLAY for Sales System

Matt StewartMatt Stewart is the General Manager and Sales Manager of Advanced Comfort Systems in Hickory, NC.  Matt has been involved with Service Excellence Training from the start.  He the real deal.  Inside of Advanced Comfort Systems, Matt has taught these PRESS PLAY for Sales principles to his own team.  His selling tech, Robert McKinney, produced $2 Million in sales his first year under the system; and  $2.5 Million in his second year under the system.


and Terry Barrett . . . I will be joining the line-up as well.  This event is perfect for Owner, Managers, Techs, and Sales.  It is also LIMITED to:

30 guest ONLY for the TECH CLASS,

20 guest ONLY for the SALES CLASS!


You will learn the following

The Premier PRESS PLAY Training System. The system that makes learning and implementing these strategies as easy as pressing “Play.”

This process teaches your techs to:

  • Increase Average Tickets for Service and Replacement
  • Launch Replacement Leads to the stratosphere.
  • EXPLODE Service Agreements
  • AND, gain access to REAL WORLD TIPS of Star Producers

And as an added Bonus . . . .

I will be personally train the Business Owners for 2 afternoon breakout sessions on…

How to take your Business to the Next Level

(No matter what your current level is)

Exclusive Training on the AirNow Way


You will learn the following:

The “AirNow Way.” The system that lays out the plan for taking your business to the next level.

This process teaches you how to:

  • Outwork the Competition
  • Create a Vision for Your Company
  • Plan your Vision
  • Implement your Plan
  • Adjust your Plan Through Training
  • And you will receive a

“No Holds Barred” behind the scenes tour of our Market Dominate Operation

You will see first hand the “AirNow Way.”

* You will want to attend with your people.

I’m personally GUARANTEEING your return

I have spent many years building my reputation. So, making this recommendation for Todd and Service Excellence Training is not something I take very lightly.  My goal is to create an experience that you will be absolutely thrilled with! And I get to train you and my new techs at the same time. It’s a Win-Win-Win.

I negotiated with Todd a no-nonsense 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t see a return on investment call me, and I will let Todd know that you need a refund. It’s simple. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

So if after you receive the training, and implementing the training into your business. If you do not feel it was worth the investment, simply call me and I will make sure your tuition is refunded.

Todd is taking a risk by doing this. He, or I, can’t make you use the knowledge. And, I can’t make you give me back my time, energy, and knowledge.

I’m trusting that you will use the knowledge, make money, and be happy. Or, don’t use it. Stay the same, and you will get your money returned.

Of course I have not become wealthy by making poor investments. I believe in you, and know this training will only enhance your success

*Due to the sensitive nature of some of the material, the class is closed to direct competitors.