Adam Bunyard is the owner of Snappy Home Services in Atlanta, Georgia. In the last 18 months, Adam has experienced tremendous growth in his business. For 2019 they are on pace to do $4 million dollars in total services. We are going to talk about that, in addition to other things.

Here’s a short list of our talking points in today’s podcast:

  • Mario Brothers and Fortnight. (This doesn’t take long, but it is funny and worth a listen.)
  • From an electrical company to an all trades company.
  • Being part of a buyout as a team member.
  • Becoming the GM.
  • Buying a company and becoming the owner.
  • Making plans to sell the company to his kids.

You’re really going like today’s podcast if you’ve ever thought about: buying, selling, or leaving your company to someone in the future. In addition, Adam is just one dang nice dude! He has a lot of knowledge and doesn’t mind sharing.

Enjoy today’s Service Contractor Radio Show, and be sure to share this episode with your friends and coworkers.

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