This week, we are joined by Jack Arnold, owner, and founder of Arnold Electric in Chicago, Illinois. Jack’s been with us many times before, discussing the growth of his business and how it’s changed over the last year and a half. Today, Elmore and Jack are going to talk about some tips that have allowed Jack and his team to double the business in the last year. We might have a laugh or two along the way as well!

Todd and Elmore ask Jack what the keys to success have been. Here is what Jack thinks turned his business around.

  • Use a checklist. It has helped Jack’s offer accessories and sell more tasks that the customer needs to have done.
  • Their checklist includes convenience items such as USB outlets and occupancy switches.
  • They educate their customers about wire type and wire condition throughout the house instead of just fixing one problem.
  • With the complexity of electrical systems these days, they’ve discovered that they have to be an advisor.
  • They spend more time educating the customer.
  • The checklist has caused him to be more thorough than ever before.
  • They have several training sessions a week and also do ride along skill evaluations to make sure everyone is doing it the right way.
  • They ask the “anything else” question to let the customer know that there might be things that they’re living with that the electrician can fix.
  • They also educate the customer on code issues.

Even though we discussed many points of the podcast, it really comes down to realizing that as an electrician, you are more than just a guy who can fix the outlet. You are an expert with valuable knowledge. The customer is paying you for that knowledge and needs to get your best every time.

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