This week, Chris Elmore & Chris Loudermilk give you the best ways to get those plumbing add-ons that add extra value and help the customer even more.


  • Always ask the “What else?” questions. It could be as simple as, “What else on the plumbing system can I take a look at?” Even better, add a few things they may not have considered to be a problem. “What else have you noticed with the plumbing system – any slow drains, a toilet that needs the handle jiggled once in a while, any odors?” Most customers don’t realize there are issues that they don’t have to live with. Ask the “What else?” questions to find out.


  • Always do a whole system inspection. It doesn’t have to be very comprehensive, but it does need to allow you to check the water heater, the toilets, major drains, shutoffs, etc. Don’t ask to do it. Rather, make it part of what you need to do to diagnose the problem. The plumbing system is all interrelated. Water pressure, water quality, and other things could be contributing to the problem. Remember the 3 P’s: Problem, Possible cause and effects, and Prevention. Always be able to answer these questions from your diagnosis and inspection checklist.


  • Observe your surroundings. You can gain a lot of insight into how the customer is living with their system just by using your senses. While you are doing your whole system inspection, look around. Notice things like the fridge water dispenser has evidence of hard water, look for water stains in the sinks and toilets, see if there are any smells from drains, or even evidence of past leaks. Taste the water. Your senses can tell you a lot, so be sure to use them.


  • Go after the “low hanging fruit”. These are things like angle stops that won’t turn, corroded risers for the toilet and sinks, or plain rubber hoses for washing machine connections. Little things that take a short amount of time are usually items that the customer will want to do. They just didn’t know they needed them. Be sure to check these as you do your whole system inspection.


By adopting a few new things in your routine, you can substantially increase your sales while also increasing the level of service and professionalism you provide to your customer.

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