On this week’s podcast, Chris Elmore & James Walker discuss paper vs. paperless for techs in the field. They even throw in a version of plastic as well!

The Tech debate over paper forms or tablet/digital forms has been going on for several years.

The technology really became viable about 10 years ago and cost-effective soon after that. We’ve had clients that use the whole range between paper and paperless. It really depends on the principles behind whichever process, product, software, or presentation tools you use.

The underlying principles of any presentation should be a color-coded diagnostic checklist, packaged options, and proper presentation. Any product, process, or system you use should have these things at its heart to be effective. If you’ve recently implemented a new process and it is working for you, it probably includes these principles.

The process your tech uses in the field, regardless of the product or method of delivery, includes two pieces: the presentation and the transaction.

The presentation is the presenting of the findings and the packaged options.

The transaction is the invoice and payment.

When choosing paper or paperless, or a hybrid of both, you have to be mindful to preserve the presentation. Some would say that going paperless took the effective tangible, tactile presentation tools out of the tech’s hands in favor of a better and more efficient transaction. You can get the real-time data from a tablet and you don’t have to wait on a paper form.

However, with paper, you preserve the effective tangible, tactile presentation but have a slower, less efficient transaction and gathering of data. Some have even stayed with paper for the presentation and just use the tablet for the transaction.

No matter which method you choose, remember that the underlying principles of a color-coded checklist and packaged options presented in the proper order are where the effectiveness really exists.

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