When visiting with owners of Plumbing, HVAC and Electrical Business’ the conversation tends to revolve around systems and strategies that will drive results. The focus is on vision, strategy, implementation and accountability.

The reality though is that those systems and strategies are useless without great people. As Business owners, you are not in the systems Business. You are in the PEOPLE Business! It takes GREAT people to deliver GREAT results!

So, if this is true, how do you get the most and the best out of your PEOPLE? Is it through effective Management or is the answer found in the power of GREAT Leadership?

The GREAT Debate

What is the difference between effective management and powerful leadership? Are the two one in the same?

Let’s take a look….

Management– managing or coordinating tasks and activities of the group to achieve the desired goal.

Leadership– Inspiring others to want to accomplish the desired goal and then providing the support, coaching, tools and means in which it can be done!

Don’t you have to be effective at both to achieve Victory in your Business? They are both components of running a successful Plumbing, HVAC or Electrical Business.

We manage the tasks and activities but we Lead the team by coaching them and providing the tools and resources necessary to achieve the desired goals!

History has proven that people will follow GREAT Leaders!

Characteristics of a GREAT Leader:

  • Accepts Responsibility: great Leaders accept responsibility for the results of the team. They know that Excuses + Acceptance = Failure.
  • Develops Discipline– great leaders lead by example. They know that the team will follow based on his or her own attitudinal philosophies.
  • Develops People– great leaders know that their success is dependent upon the success of the team. Great leaders know that their primary role is to develop top talent.
  • Creates Vision– great leaders know that the team must first buy into them before they will buy into the vision of the company. They create vision after and only after earning the respect of the team.
  • Listens– a great leader listens to the front line team. The great leader is secure enough in his or her own role that they feel comfortable listening to and promoting the team and their ideas.
  • Win Win Win– great leaders believe in coaching and supporting the team to insure that each team member is winning. Leaders know if the team is winning they are much more likely to deliver World Class service to the client! In turn, if the team wins, the client wins….and the company wins!

Victory is never easy but it’s within your reach. Victory lies in your people. Victory is found in your CSR, your Technician, your Install crew, your Sales team! Below is a must read for any owner or manager:

21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell

  • The Law of the Lidyour Business’ ceiling is tied directly to your ability to lead.
  • The Law of Connection– leaders touch a heart before they ask for a hand.
  • The Law of Magnetism- Who you are is who you attract.
  • The Law of ProcessLeaders develop daily not in a day.
  • The Law of Victory– Leaders find a way for the team to WIN!

Are you Leading Your Plumbing, HVAC or Electrical TEAM to VICTORY!