On this week’s Service Contractor Radio Show, Chris Elmore and Chris Loudermilk talk about how to deliver bad service. That’s right…BAD service. We often hear about the best service, or more often, we hear about terrible service. But what about the worst type…really bad…the worst…mediocre service?! Mediocre service is the worst because it makes no impact. Your customers can take it or leave it. In fact, if you deliver mediocre service, they won’t be your customer for long! Consider what really differentiates you from hundreds, or even thousands, of competitors. Is there much at all? It should be your service. If you deliver the same service as everyone else, but charge a premium for it, you’re taking advantage of your customers!


In this podcast, Chris & Chris help you recognize the signs of mediocre service:


  • Anonymous Service – This is the service given by a tech that doesn’t give his name or even get the customer’s name.
  • “Too Techy” Service – This is the service given by a tech that tries to build value in what he or she sees as valuable…technical knowledge. Customers retreat from you if you overwhelm them with technical details.
  • Uninformed Service – This type of service happens when the tech doesn’t give all of the information to the customer before a decision is made. You can give all the information without overwhelming the customer with volume or technical information.
  • Just a Tech Service – This type of service happens when the tech thinks they are there only to tell the customer what is wrong. The tech is really there to do that AND tell the customer what should be done to fix what is wrong.
  • Checked Out Service – This happens when the tech becomes apathetic with work or life. We all have those days. These are the days you just don’t want to be there. It’s not about the extremes. It’s about those mediocre days. You have to make sure you’re enthusiastic about the job.


Remember that most qualified techs can go in and be an expert tech. They can give anonymous, too techy, uninformed, “just a tech”, checked out service. That’s the worst kind of service. That’s mediocre service. It gets the job done, but not done well, and definitely is not memorable. That’s bad service. Make sure that’s not you!!

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