In this week’s Contractor Radio Show podcast, Todd and Elmore talk to Cody Ringer and Chris Stokes at Champion AC in San Antonio, Texas.  In 2018, Cody did 1.3 million in sales, as of the end of May he has already surpassed the million dollar mark. He is well on his way to 2 Million for 2019.  Champion has been working with SET for over a year and has seen amazing results with their team – especially comfort advisor Cody Ringer. Todd and Elmore ask Cody, and his manager Chris Stokes, to share their perspective on the change in Cody and the stellar results he is seeing so far.


  • He set goals and wrote them down.
  • Realized that hitting his goals wasn’t impossible.
  • He broke the goal down to small units – one extra sale per week.
  • He sets goals for each month.
  • He changed his mentality from “selling” to “service”.


  • He could see the potential in Cody.
  • Helped Cody see the potential in himself.
  • Helped him focus on the people and not the technical things.
  • Provided support and training so Cody could realize his potential.
  • Gave his perspective on SET training and how it has improved his team.

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