While doing Technician ride-alongs, I’ve noticed a trend. This trend is worrisome. Why? Because it’s costing Plumbers, Electricians, Roofers, and Techs personal income.

This trend is plummeting Closing Percentages, Average Tickets, and Client Satisfaction.

I really hate this trend, because I want tradespeople to be their best!

In this podcast, I am going to address this troublesome issue.

I have decided to call this bad habit: fixing it with your mouth.

It looks like this:

The tech arrives at the home of a client, introduces himself, and asks questions to evaluate the client’s needs. (So far, not bad.)

During the evaluation questions, the homeowner says a “buzz word.” This gets the tech excited about a product or service that the company offers. Common culprits are club memberships, indoor air quality, water filtration, or surge protection.

This is when the tech falls into the trap of, “fixing it with your mouth.”

Before you know it, you are telling your client all about this product or service. The client looks at you like, “Whoa! Too soon.”

In the podcast today, I will walk you through how to avoid this bad habit, as well as how to break it.

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