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Discover the Success You Are Meant to Achieve

You were meant to be successful.  You can feel it in your bones.  Can’t you?

You know there is something better.  You know you want it.  But, do you know how to get it?

Destroy the Enemies of Your Success

What if you could destroy the enemies of your success?  Your life would be easier with fewer obstacles.  Less headaches will create greater clarity and focused energy.  This means, more money.

With the DISCover Profile, you will discover what exists inside of you, that leads to the success you deserve.

What is the DISCover Profile and Insight Module?

What makes you, YOU!

The DISCover Profile unlocks the 5 major components of your personality type and potential.

  1. Personality Type:  The Driver, Influencer, Stable and Compliant
  2. The Values Index:  There are 7 key values that create your daily motivation.
  3. The External and Internal Insight:  These are the keys to why you act and respond the way you do.
  4. Characteristic Descriptors:  A measurement of the descriptors that describe your qualities and characteristics.
  5. Job Profile: An assessment of your working strengths and characteristics.

As a service contractor, you understand the importance of an inspection for your client’s home.

The Insights Module is a unique step-by-step training video produced by the team of Service Excellence Training.  It will help you understand how to use the DISCover Profile to get the best results from your people!

Don’t You Deserve a DISCover Profile?

The Benefits of a DISCover Profile

Your Success is Not Hidden, or Out of Reach

The DISCover Profile Creates Clarity.  You will receive a series comprehensive profiles that will reveal exactly where your business needs to improve.

The DISCover Profiles and Insight Modules Includes

  1. DISCover the ADVanced Insights Profile:  The most advanced profile system in the marketplace.  Every team member will have the opportunity receive the full DISCover ADVanced Insights Profile:
    • The DISCover Personality Profile – This is the premier test to determine your team members’ exact personality style.  DISCover reveals the unique combination of personality types that make up a person’s communication style.
      • Driver – The dominant leader type.
      • Influencer – The expressive artist type.
      • Stable – The loyal servant type.
      • Compliant – The analytical questioner type.
    • The Motivation Profile – If you focus on what motivates your team, they will achieve more faster!
      • The 7 Key Motivators – Quickly identifies the primary motivators.  You can use this to build incentive programs that work.
    • The Internal and External Belief Profile – The reality to “Why” your team members think the way they think.
      • Internal Belief is how your team member truly feels about himself.
      • External Belief is how your team member sees the world.

We focus on providing Training and Consultation Service to the Residential Service Trades:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing

You face an abundance of challenges in today’s market:

  1. The New Economy
  2. The forces of large multi-billion dollar competitors.
  3. The under trained workforce
  4. Limited training money.
svg-we-train-th-best-badgeWe Trainthe Best

Are you ready to grow?

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The DISCover Profile and Insights Module

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You Can Succeed With a Plan

Lock in your Key People

  • Team Members
  • Clients
Increase your Key Results 

  • Service Agreements
  • Sale Averages
  • Lead Conversions
Establish your Key Standards

  • Your Mission
  • Your Brand
  • Your Systems and Procedures

You Can Succeed With a Plan

Lock in Your Key People

  • Team Members
  • Clients

Increase your Key Results 

  • Service Agreements
  • Sale Averages
  • Lead Conversions

Establish Your Key Standards

  • Your Mission
  • Your Brand
  • Your Systems and Procedures

Service Excellence Training