This episode of The Service Contractor Radio Show is for CSRs. Chris Elmore and Brandy Loudermilk discuss how CSRs can handle the price over the phone objection.


This topic is important because an untrained CSR who has not developed the skills to handle this objection falls into the “we don’t have pricing in the office” trap.


This trap makes your clients not trust you. It will decrease your CSRs ability to book calls. And, it can hurt your reputation as a company.


Chris and Brandy provide a few options for handling this objection, as well as an impromptu role play.


Here are the 4 simple steps to avoid treating your clients like they are dumb.

  1. Give them a good reason.
  2. Put doubt in their mind if anyone gave them a price over the phone.
  3. Be Assertive.
  4. Transition into booking.


We also discuss some of the objection handling techniques taught is the PRESS PLAY for CSR classroom series.


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