To be successful you need repeat business.  You need you clients to see your company as a Merry-Go-Round and not a roller coaster.  Merry-Go-Rounds are fun, simple, and not a risky move.

 You need to develop you Scheduled Service Plans in a similar fashion to the Merry-Go-Round.  Think of these keys to success when you are creating your Service Plans:

  1. Fun and Flash:  Does your Service Plan look attractive?  Does it look fun?  When you go to market with your service plans make them look attractive.  Use visual tools such as pictures and actual equipment to build the value in your service plan demonstration.  Add color to your prints.  The additional investment goes a long way.
  2. Keep It Simple:  I have seen service plans that are amazingly complicated.  They leave the homeowner dazed and confused.  This is not good.  A Service Plan needs to be simple, easy, and not scary!  It’s okay to have multiple plans that build in value.  Just make sure that each value building step is clearly defined and not overly complicated.
  3. Go In A Circle:  The Merry-Go-Round always comes back to the place it started.  Your plans should do the same.  You don’t want your client getting off the ride.  Set your plans up so that it is easy for your client to do business with you year-after-year.

If your business is Plumbing, Electrical, Roofing, or Air Conditioning you need Scheduled Service Plans that will retain your clients.  With proper training and a fun plan, you can create the “See You Again!” Merry-Go-Round effect in your business.

-Resource curated by Todd Liles of Service Excellence Training.