In this episode of the Service Contractor Radio Show, Toby Brodie speaks with the owners of Guardian Roofing.  Owners Matt and Lori, discuss the history of their business, as well as what makes Guardian different in the market.  Items such as focusing on repairs, as well as customer referrals.

Matt and Lori also discuss the challenges they were facing that lead them to seek training and consulting from Service Excellence Training.

Matt highlights the impact of training on the culture of their company. He also credits the training for increasing average tickets and close rates. The team members have been able to earn more money, and the company has seen an improvement on their bottom line.

On-site Training Results

While reflecting on the recent onsite training, Matt and Lori talked about their goals and their “why”.  They both acknowledge it is a sacrifice to take team members out of the field for training, but are glad about their decision.  The numbers for their techs have increased along with their confidence.

Alex, a tech from the class, was able to go out 2 days later and close on a $5000 add-on, by applying what he learned from the 2-day class.

Matt has seen a positive impact on the team morale as well. The team cheers each other on, but at the same time enjoying friendly competition. More experienced team members are now mentoring each other, and are invested in each other’s success.

Matt and Lori have seen a return on investment from Service Excellence Training, both in terms of the bottom line, and the impact on the culture of Guardian Roofing.

Employee Highlight

We also had the opportunity to speak with one of their technicians, Joe Gonzalez.

Joe Gonzalez has been with the Guardian Roofing for 8 years. He has been able to implement the training to benefit his clients, his company, and his personal life.

Joe highlighted the fact that the training has had an impact on his personal life, thru his marriage.  He has been able to better communicate with his wife.

The training has also allowed him to close bigger sales, and gain the confidence to close his first 20K sale.

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