Handling The “I need to get 3 bids” Objection

By Todd Liles Handling The “I need to get 3 bids” Objection

If you are a service tech or a salesperson, then you have heard the dreaded “I need to get 3 bids” sales objection.   What you may not know is just how awesome this is FOR YOU!

No, I’m not kidding.  The “I need to get 3 bids” sales objection may be one of the greatest gifts your client will ever give you!  You just need to know how service techs are using this sales objection to their advantage.  RELATED – 4 keys to winning with the “I need to talk to my spouse” sales objection.

Understand the Power of The Freudian Slip

The Freudian Slip happens when a person unconsciously reveals something to another person.  This term comes from the techniques that Sigmund Freud pioneered.  Sigmund is known as the father of modern psychoanalysis.  That’s just a big word that means, “understanding why a person thinks the way he thinks.”


Imagine that Sigmund had you on his couch, and he was asking you a series of questions:

Sigmund:  “Hello James.  Tell me about your day.”

James:  “It’s fine.  Just like any other day.  Kind of.  Yeah, it’s fine.”

Sigmund:  “That’s very interesting James.”

James:  “Ah.  What is?”

Sigmund:  “I say to you, tell me about your day, and you say, ‘It’s fine.  Just like any other day.  Kind of.  Yeah, it’s fine.’  Why did you say, ‘Kind of”?”

James:  “Well, I just found out that my mom has cancer.”

Sigmund:  “And, how does this make you feel?”

At the very moment that James said, “kind of” Sigmund would know that he was hiding something.  Clients do this as well.  (By the way, never separate the client from the human experience.  They are still people, and react the same way you do.)

So, how does the Freudian Slip help you increase your closing percentage?

It helps you because of what the client is hiding, and what he is hiding is what will close him.

Let’s look at an example.  This example is occurring very early in the call.  It may even come up shortly after the initial greeting and warm-up period.

Client: “Ok, Mr Service Tech, I just want to let you know right up front, that I never do business with anyone until I have gotten 3 bids.”

Most service techs would respond with 1 of 2 reactions:

Bad Reaction #1

  • Outside voice:  “Ah, ok.  Then I’ll leave you with a bid.”
  • Inside voice:  “@%$!*%@& – Why does the office keep sending me these bad calls?”

Bad Reaction #2

  • Outside voice:  “Ok Mr Client.  I complete understand.  You want to get a good deal.”
  • Inside voice:  “@%$!*%@& – Why does the office keep sending me these bad calls?”

Here is what you need to know about the client’s inside voice versus outside voice.

  • Client Outside Voice: “Ok, Mr Service Tech, I just want to let you know right up front, that I never do business with anyone until I have gotten 3 bids.”
  • Client Inside Voice: “I know it is a good idea to get more than 1 bid, but I never do that when I like the salesperson and he does a good job building value.  I just say this in the beginning because most salespeople will do a bad job after I say this, and then I don’t feel bad giving you a sales objection.”

What are the take-aways here?

  1. When the client objects early, it is a clear message that tells you what you need to know.
  2. When the client objects early, most service techs and salespeople will get a bad attitude.
  3. When the client objects early, you should still do an amazing presentation, because they will probably still buy!

How to close more sales after the “I need to get 3 bids” objection comes out.

In this section, we are going to unpack the scripts and responses needed to handle the objection during the close of the call.

Uncovering the cause of the objection

Client: “Ok, Mr Service Tech, I just want to let you know that I’m going to need to get 3 bids before I make a decision.”

Plumber:  “Mrs. Jones, do you mind if I ask what will be the determining factor you will be using to pick the winner of your project?

Client:  “Oh, sure.  Well, I’m going to pick the lowest price.” RELATED – Overcoming the “I can’t afford that” sales objection.

Plumber:  “And in addition to price, are there are other things that you are concerned about? Such as the quality of the installation, the service after the sell, and the guarantees and warrantees that you will or won’t receive in writing?”

Client:  “Yes. Those things are important.”

Transition to making value the focus

Plumber:  “Then let’s keep all of those things in mind. Because when most homeowner’s tell me they want the lowest price, they never want a bad install, and the lowest price. You would agree with that, wouldn’t you?”

Client:  “Of course.”

Plumber:  “What most homeowners, like yourself, are saying is that they want a great value. They want the most for their money. Isn’t that what you are really saying, that you want the best value?

Client:  “Yes. If you put it that way.  Then that is what I’m saying.”

Transition to what the client gets for a low price

Plumber:  “Mrs. Jones, that’s important, because I know that you can get it cheaper somewhere else. And that’s because, while I can’t speak for the quality of other companies, I can speak to ours.  And we don’t use cheap parts, or take short-cuts that can cause premature failure or leaks down the road.  So while you can get it cheaper, I believe wholeheartedly that you won’t get it better. What I’m really saying is that you won’t find a better value than what we offer, and that’s what’s really important to you, isn’t it?”

Client:  “Yes.”

Plumber:  “Mrs. Jones, then if you feel the same way I feel, have I proven with my professionalism, quality of work, and written guarantees that I am the best value?”

Client:  “OK then Todd.  I’ll go with you.”

You many need to tie in more value than what I have given in the example here.  That’s easy to do, just tie in the value builders once again.  RELATED – How to eliminate the “You’re too expensive” sales objection.

Putting These Skills To Use

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  2. Confidence from practice.
  3. Instant feedback.
  4. Training that comes alive in the moments you need it most – the field.

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