The 7 Foundational Disciplines to Sales in a Service Company-#5: Objection Handling

By Todd Liles The 7 Foundational Disciplines to Sales in a Service Company-#5: Objection Handling

Every foundational step in the sales process must function effectively with all other parts in order for a sale to be successfully closed on and a company-client relationship to be solidified.  It is important that a company team effectively navigate and overcome client questions, concerns, and objections in order to keep the sales process running smoothly and effectively from start to finish. In our blog today, we will investigate the key components of this important step– Objection Handling:

Developing Effective Listening Skills-

On the road to effective objection handling, the development of strong listening skills is an important milestone.  But this skill is constantly being refined and strengthened with each new situation that a tech, CSR, or manager faces inside his or her independent contracting company.  The important component of listening is not just simply taking in all that the potential client has to say outright but it is also interpreting what a client means or is “hinting at” through body language and tone of voice.  The development of strong listening skills applies just as heavily to nonverbal communication as they do to the spoken word.  Effective listeners take time to decipher facial expressions, tone of voice, posture, and physical reactions to questions and clarification.  Objections are best handled before they are vocalized by the client, so an HVAC, plumbing, or electrical company team member that has developed solid listening skills and a strong understanding of the steps of the sales process will quickly grasp the importance of addressing and overcoming all possible objections throughout the call.  When a technician has the ability to listen closely to a client in order to find out his or her needs, wants, and concerns that are expressed both verbally and nonverbally; then that technician will be able to confidently ask questions and try new techniques that work to overcome client objections and jump closer to a solid close.

Possessing Courage to ask the Best Questions and Implement the Best Techniques-

Another important component to effective objection handling is the development of courage and confidence.  The development of these important traits come along after the growth of listening skills that help decipher situations while on a call.  When a technician feels confident that he has a solid understanding of a client’s questions, concerns, and objections then he can work to ask guiding questions that can help him clarify areas that may be unclear to the potential client.  For example, if a tech has reached the end of his diagnostic presentation and is ready to move to the options portion of his presentation but has picked up from context clues that his clients are having issues with prices and wonder if they can get is somewhere else for less.  Then a technician with a focus on closing will quickly address those two questions and thoroughly prove the unmatched value of his company before the clients have a chance to vocalize the objection in a negative manner.  Once the client has articulated the objection, it will become harder to overcome because the obstacle has been internally solidified in the client’s mind.  But when a technician has the courage, confidence, and ability to express strong company value, excellent guarantees and warranties, as well as transition into soft closes where clients answers “yes” to a series of soft close questions then it naturally begins to obliterate objections and pushes the excellent service and first-rate value of the company into the limelight.

Providing Thorough Explanations and Clarifications-

This last important component to objection handling goes directly hand-in-hand with possessing the courage to ask the right questions and implement the best strategies.  However, this step also comes with thorough training on all company pricing options, warranties, guarantees, maintenance options, current promotions, as well as the company’s systems and processes.  In order to be thorough with all explanations and clarifications, a technician must be able to ask the right questions as well as give the right answers.  This step requires that a technician be thinking a step ahead of the client thus giving him the ability to see what the client wants to know and then having the right options for the need.  When a technician listens to what a client wants, carefully deciphers potential objections, and works to overcome the obstacles then this last clarification step is the transition into a solid close.

Objection handling is an important foundational step in the sales process.  In order to grow objection handling skills, a company team member must: growing his or her listening skills, develop confidence to ask the best questions and implement the best techniques, as well as provide the client with thorough clarifications.  Objection handling is an important training topic for all independent contractors in the industries of HVAC, plumbing, and electrical.  Thank you for following our weekly blog.  Here at Service Excellence Training, we turn learning into earning!

-Resource curated by Whitney Stewart of Service Excellence Training


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