Angie and Ryan Snow of Western HVAC join me (Todd Liles) on this week’s Service Contractor Radio Show.

Ryan has been in the business since 1997. He started as a duct cleaner and worked his way up into management. In 2007 Angie and Ryan purchased Western HVAC together.

This is an interview podcast, which means I take the time to get to know Angie and Ryan better. Yes, we cover plenty of business in the show, but my first focus is on the relationship. We had some fun in this show.

In this podcast, Angie, Ryan and Todd discuss the following topics:

LDS: Why mission workers are good salespeople: Minute Mark 8:00

Ryan and I discussed the life lessons and skills acquired during mission work. *Did you know that door-to-door sales companies recruit heavily in Utah?


Launching a new team member every 6 weeks: Minute Mark 17:00

Ryan and Angie are growing! They have had to create a system that allows them to add a new team member and have them truck ready in 6 weeks.


Organizational Chart: Minute Mark 18:10

Ryan and Angie share their current organizational chart and describe the who “wears the hats.”


Building a Sales Culture:  Minute Mark 21:00

Ryan shares why he was the wrong guy to be the sales manager. He also talks about why they hired us to help in improve the process.

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I reference a “sales map” in the call. Below is an example of a sales map for one of our divisions.


Systems and Processes and Countermeasures: Minute Mark 22:00 

We discuss why problems are simple gaps in performance and how S&Ps are countermeasures to the problems.


Spousal Fights: Minute Mark: 30:00

Ryan and Angie don’t fight. Todd and Shannon do. We talk about those dynamics.


Problem Solving: Minute Mark: 34:00

Embracing the challenge of problems head on. Teaching others how to problem solve.


The Talent of Chris Loudermilk: Minute Mark 37:00

Angie shares how Chris’s energy motivated the whole team and gave them a spark!


Why Angie and Ryan Choose to do business with SET: Minute Mark: 38:00

Ryan talks about the amazing results his team has gotten from our training programs, and why our culture fits with Western HVAC.


Women in HVAC: Minute Mark 42:00 

Angie shares her work in the industry and how she is helping women in the HVAC trade. And, Angie shares a very touching moment that changed her life.


We really hit it off in this podcast. I’ll have to get Angie and Ryan back on for a future episode. By the way, what was your favorite part of the show?

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