In this episode of The Service Contractor Radio Show, Chris Elmore and Chris Loudermilk break down the 5 Myths of Training. Each of these myths can cripple your training objectives and hold your team back from having their best year ever.

1: Scripts are gospel, not guidelines.

Robots do not make good technicians. The scripts are designed to help you follow the principles of service. Know the key principles, but make sure your service process is customized to your client. Since every homeowner is different, you must customize what you say to fit their communication style.

Fix: Use DISC profiles to learn the communication styles of your clients. Then publish your company’s unique way of delivering service.

2: If you are doing training, you don’t have to do anything else.

Training is just one part of a successful company. You must inspect what you expect. Role play, spot checks, and ride-alongs are all great ways to ensure accountability. It is also important to practice what you learn in training, not just during that hour a week, but throughout the week.

Fix: Track performance with Key Results Areas and do ride-alongs.

3: Everyone learns the same way.

Everyone has a different learning style. Training must cover different learning styles to make sure everyone is able to learn and apply the lesson. Reading, writing, role-play, and videos are all different styles of learning that must be incorporated in the learning process.

Fix: Make sure you mix up your training sessions. Add variety to your normal training routine with different visuals and activities.

4: I can only do one type of training at a time.

The reality is that your team needs technical training, customer service training, and communication training all the time. The time invested in various aspects of training will help your team grow and will provide a huge return on investment.

Fix: Mix up training schedules to incorporate different skill sets.

5: Everyone has to love the training for it to be effective.

One bad egg should not dictate your company training culture. Some professionals can fall into the knowledge trap, and that can hinder their ability to implement the training, but the rest of the team can still be growing. When you allow one individual to dictate your training, you may miss out on huge growth potential. Your team’s attitude dictates their altitude. Make sure you are helping your team find the positive in each training session.

Fix: Accept that not everyone will love training, but make sure the majority are learning and applying.

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