In this week’s episode, Chris Elmore and Chris Loudermilk share the Top 5 Things the Best Techs and Salespeople do Every Time. These come from their experience in the field and on ridealongs from all over the country. Our best people in home service and sales do these things on every call. It is the result of practice and persistence.

The 5 Things to do Every Time:

1. Create common ground with FORM.

Family, Occupation, Recreation, and Material Items. Make a genuine effort to observe some true, authentic common ground and make a comment to break the ice. Be careful though…this has to be authentic and real.

2.Discover how they like to communicate.

The way a person communicates is indicated by their DISC personality profile. Don’t think of this as some psychobabble mind game. Their DISC profile is how they like to communicate – how they like to give and receive information. If you don’t know this, there’s a good chance there will be some miscommunication.

3. Have a great evaluation process.

This is not about evaluating the technical aspects of the call, this is about learning how they live with the “thing”. This is where you find out what they want and what they need. You should be spending at least 15 mins or so with your customer just asking questions about how they live with it. Most customers don’t know everything that we have that can help them.

4. Have a great diagnostic/inspection process.

This is where you use your technical skills to find out what’s up with the “thing”. Use a physical checklist or some other tool to communicate the findings to your customer. Have great analogies and testimonies to share to help communicate. If the customer doesn’t understand what’s wrong and why, they won’t understand your solutions.

5. Customize options based on your evaluation and diagnostic/inspection.

Always use the information you gain during your evaluation and diagnostic/inspection process. Tie your solutions back to your findings and the customer’s needs and wants. Try to avoid using “cookie cutter’ or “one size fits all” options. Customers want their solutions customized to their home.

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