In this week’s podcast, Chris E. and Chris L. share their top 3 things that are probably holding you back on sales and/or service calls.

  1. Your Gear – If you go to the door as a tech with a fully loaded tool bag, tool backpack, or tool belt, the customer sees you as being ready to go straight to work.  They also think that you don’t have time to talk since you are ready to work. This means you won’t spend as much time as you need to talking to the customer. The same thing happens if you are a salesperson and you immediately open your laptop or tablet when you get in the home.

Challenge: Leave your gear in the truck and talk to the customer for at least 15-20 mins.

  1. Lack of Courage – Your company is spending money to train you. Hopefully, that training is with Service Excellence Training! If not, you are still receiving some training. Be courageous enough to use that training. The lion in the SET logo is a symbol of boldness and courage. It reminds you to be courageous and bold enough to use your training, and to try something new. Handle objections like you’ve been taught. Say the credibility statement like you’ve been told. Do what you know to do.

Challenge: Use the training that you have and know.

  1. Lack of Relationship – You’ve heard the adage, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” This is also true with in-home service and sales. Showing you care is difficult if you don’t try to establish a relationship with the customer by recognizing and using personality profiles. This is impossible to do without spending time in the early stages of the call with the customer. Most likely, the two items listed above are getting in the way of your relationship building. Also, you are probably trying to get through the call to get to what you consider is the hard part – handling objections. You rush to get there so you can get the sale, or not, and then move on to the next one. Take your time. Get to know the customer.

 Challenge: Get to know how the customer lives with the problem before you work on or trying to sell the solution.

These three things are holding you back. Enjoy the podcast. Please like and share it!

In the show, Chris L. and Chris E. discuss the Service Excellence Training classroom series:

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