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The next P.R.E.S.S. P.L.A.Y. Training Seminar will be in Austin, TX. Tech Series, taught by Terry Barrett and our Sales Series, taught by Todd Liles.


Today’s webinar is brought to you in a co-partnership between CallSource and Service Excellence Training. A very special thank you goes out to Bryan Martin and Jason Jackson for stepping into the gap and believing in what we have to offer and the value that it brings to you the contractor.

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Here are the main points in today’s lesson:

1Building the foundation of a profitable relationship

  • Solid foundations are built on mutual benefit.
  • Focus on your target.

2How to read your clients

  • A strong understanding of the DISC profiles will greatly increase your likelihood of success in a profitable relationship.
    • The Driver is the dominating leader personality type.
      •  To win with the driver be extremely polite, and very precise and to the point.
    • The Influencers are the outgoing expressive personality type.
      •  To win with the influencer, ask him about himself.
    •  The Stable is the loyal, reserved personality type.
      •  To win with the stable, take your time and focus on values.
    •  The Compliant is the detail oriented, questioning personality type.
      •  To win with the compliant, be detail oriented and allow him to ask questions.
  • Observe and make note of the three forms of communication:
    • 58% body language
    • 35% tone of voice
    • 7% the words used

3. How to establish real long lasting client relationships. 

  • There are six primary persuasion principles, according to Robert Cialdini:
    • reciprocation
    • commitment and consistency
    • social proof
    • liking
    • authority
    • scarcity

The Radio Show Notes are taken from  “The P.R.E.S.S. P.L.A.Y. Training Series Program”

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