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#13: 4 Steps to Conquering the Fear’s of Contractors [Podcast]

By Todd Liles October 31, 2013 #13: 4 Steps to Conquering the Fear’s of Contractors [Podcast]

Do you have fears that keep you from succeeding in your business? 

Find out what contractors fear and what you can do to overcome that fear!

Pearl of Wisdom

“A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” James 1:8

Tech Tip of the Week

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1. Website: Blog Posts. Check out the book “Platform” by Michael Hyatt
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Can You Name Your Fears? See how the results turned out  by clicking here.


  • Silent Phones: 26% – Click HERE to find out how to make your phones ring.
  • Poorly Performing Employees: 22%
  • Crushing Debt: 22%
  • Disgruntled Clients: 12%
  • Not Being Able to Sell the Business 9% “For What it’s Worth” Brandon Jacobs, CPA
  • Government Regulations 6%
  • Finding Management Personnel 3%


  • Fear  HATES you. But Fear wants you to think he is your friend.
  • Fear wants to drive you CRAZY. Fear screams in your ear, “RUN!” or “FIGHT!” Fear never says, “Think about your best options.”
  • Fear only has BORROWED power. If people didn’t lend Fear their minds  and bodies, he would have no impact.
  • Fear is JEALOUS. Whatever you are too scared to go after, he gets to keep for himself.  And he wants your: Dreams, Joy, Peace, Wealth, Time, Health, and Relationships.


  • Start before Fear knocks on your door.
  • SPIRITUAL Perspective:  This is the cornerstone of your value system.
  • Decide “What is ENOUGH?”  When you have enough, you can take more risks.
  • NAME your Fears:  Fear is great at surprising you. Expect the unexpected.
  • Why does this thing SCARE you?
  • Gather INFORMATION. When you think, you disconnect Fear’s emotional control.
  • Define the “WORST CASE Scenario”. What can you live with?


  • Repeat previous steps
  • What are your OPTIONS? Make a list of action steps.
  • Make a DECISION to do something. Indecision is a decision. Controlled action is the goal. Not panic, and not paralysis.
  • Create  a plan with a DEADLINE.

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