What makes you hate your work? part1 People

I have done work that I didn’t love.  I have done work that I literally hate.  It made me sick to my stomach.

At night, I would stress about the next morning.  In the morning, I would day dream about quitting.

Once I was at work, I resolved to make the best of it.  But, I’m not sure that’s possible.

How do you create your best work, when your heart isn’t in it?

Even with a humble, and thankful heart, I don’t believe your best work is found in a job you hate.

So, let’s break this down.

What Makes Us Hate Work? – People

People.  Some people can cause you to hate work.

It isn’t even the work itself.  It is the people we have to be around while we are there.

Here’s a story:

I worked at my Uncle Mark’s Body Shop when I was in high school.  “Saucier Automotive”  Away from work, Uncle Mark was awesome!

At work, he sucked.

He wasn’t a screamer.  He didn’t throw stuff.  And, he never missed a paycheck.  But, he knew exactly how to get under my skin.

It was his goal to piss me off, and make me do something stupid.  Then, everybody at the shop got to have a big laugh.

One day he won. Big Time!  I don’t remember what he said.  But he pushed the right button.

I was so mad!  I left the garage in reverse.  Literally.

I got in my 1984 Nissan Sentra, and traveled down the 200 foot driveway in reverse.  The whole way, I was taking out the hedges that separated his garage from his neighbor’s house.

It was totally awesome!  It was also an accident.  I didn’t do it on purpose, but I was too mad to see straight.

When I got home, my dad was waiting to have a “talk.”  It was actually a really cool memory I have with my dad.  He gave me some great advice about not letting people get under my skin.  He also told me that my Uncle Mark thinks highly of me, he just likes to mess around.

After talking to my dad, I called my Uncle Mark.

I told him how I felt, and that I wouldn’t work there under that abuse.  He apologized, and I went back to work.

He still picked on me.  But there was a new respect between the 2 of us.

I worked there until I went to college.  Uncle Mark sent me with loads of cash.  He gave me a going away party, and he helped me become a man.

Question:  Have the people you worked with every caused you to hate work?  How did you handle it?

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One thought on “What makes you hate your work? part1 People

  1. Son,
    This is a great area that affects everyone in the world. I worked at the Doctor’s office and actually loved the patients and the job, but he hired 2 individuals that came in the office with a attitude of my way or the highway. Now I really loved my boss, but bad as I hate to say it, he has no backbone when it comes to quote being the office manager as well. When these 2 individuals came into the office, the whole atmosphere changed. One he hired was a regular smart mouth, the other was an only child that it was gonna be her way or else. Now I am a worker, and I don’t take kindly to those kind of folks. We had office confrontations, which before we did I knew nothing was gonna become of it. All his original workers had left except me and it was totally caotic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I began to dread work, withdraw and not speak unless it was to the patients, except to one that worked up front with me. I did not know who to trust. I went to the persons and tried to make amends and that was totally unacceptable with them, because I had the senority and they didn’t like it. It became too stressful for me, to deal with the hot air around me. Being a Christian, I knew I was starting to loose my relationship with God, because I was weakening under the load of work, plus the atmosphere around me. I began to pray Lord help me and show me what to do. My hubby needed the free medical benefits, which I felt bound by, plus the money. One day I was being cussed out from 2 different directions, went into panic mode and out the door I went. I see God’s hand in the whole situation now, but I still miss my patients that I dearly loved. I pray for those individuals, actually one has left since I have left, but the other is still there and got what she wanted, a paycheck sitting on her but. Do you see something wrong with the picture? When 6 people quit their jobs at one office in less than 2 years there is a major problem. My boss and I talked after I left, even cried, but I saw no leverage in his actions as a boss.

    your greatest fan

    love mom 02-11-2013