How Marketing is like a Black Hole and beyond…

This video uses the analogy of a black hole to describe marketing.

It demonstrates how your brand is like a black hole. The more you feed it, the more it grows.

  • The center of all marketing is your brand. Your “Brand” is your “Black Hole.”
  • The “Black Hole” is fed by the “Stars” that circle around it, i.e.
    • Social Media,
    • Radio,
    • Direct Mail,
    • T.V. and etc.
  • The “Stars” have “Planets” that surround them.  For Example:
    • The “Star” of Social Media has the following “Planets.”
      • Facebook,
      • LinkedIn
    • The “Star” of Radio has the following “Planets.”
      • The Different Stations you advertise with.
        • Each Unique Ads you run are like “Moons” that circle the “Planets.”

The more you feed each star, the larger the black hole will become!

Are you creating a black hole for your brand?

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